Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ribbs Tires at Wheel of Indy Lights car

So apparently the “Depenz Boy” got completely ‘Knackered Out driving his No. 75 Willy T. Ribbs Racing entry vs. the “HuggiesBoyz” crowd - of which the ageless Ribbs likened the Kids he was racing against in his One-off racing comeback during the Baltimore GP weekend’s festivities... As Ribbs reportedly lost his radio connectivity on lap-2 and was physically spent on lap-28, just seven laps shy of the Chequered flag... To which Willy T. proclaimed he was “Totally Out of Gas,” yet if he’d known that he’d somehow gutted it out all the way to the finish.

Ribbs was classified 13th and said he was happy to have his son on hand to witness his racing return, as Theo hadn’t witnessed his ‘Pappy behind the wheel since the tender age of nine, whilst the elder Ribbs has NO intentions on making any further racing starts after his short lived comeback at age 56...