Monday, September 26, 2011

Quote of the Weekend

Was listening to Duh Freaks last night when a current IndyCar driver finally rightly Threw-down upon the HOOSE YOUR DADDY SWEEPSTAKES Indy Car Season Finale race at Los Wages... Which AIN’T NO FREAKIN’ World Championship! But I Digress...

As ‘Sarge (Kenny Sergeant) sez; that would be perfect for the LV race: “WHAM & IndyCar...” To which said Indy Car driver sez: “Why NOT; They’ve THROWN everything else at that race...” YOUCH!

Can you say Dog ‘N Pony Show? Or perhaps ‘HULIO can get permission from his Bestest Fwiend BB to drive the Circus Circus CLOWN Car that weekend? Hya! And just how many Indy Car Series drivers can they fit into a CLOWN car now that Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson won’t be competing the resta duh season, eh?

But seriously Folks! That would be FREAKIN’ FUNTASIC if Castroneves actually drove that event with primary sponsorship from Circus Circus in an all pink racecar a la some Homeboy Dude named Chip Hanauer did in his Unlimited Hydroplane...

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