Saturday, September 17, 2011

INDYCAR: Missing the REAL Point over Competing in Japan...

So I thought the day would NEVER come... CRAP! When I’d actually Applaud Danica; SHEISA! As I’m simply taken aback over how much perceived criticism and media derision she’s enduring over her actually having the BALLS to admit her concerns towards the radioactive fallout in Japan from the molten Fukushima Daiichi  Nuclear Reactor Facility - which gee Wally? Just so happens to be a scant 90-miles away from Motegi...

And I’m even more DISGUSTED over how everybody seemingly is Snubbing Mrs. Danica Patrick by Pooh-Poohing her comments and saying I’ll only be there for four days, it’s really not a problem and will believe all of the experts comments  about it being safe; Hmm? Isn’t that what Japan’s Nuclear Industry Officials said towards the stricken Fukushima Daiichi’s Tsunami defenses?

As Patrick wasn’t the first racer to criticize racing in Japan - as current MOTO GP Points leader Casey Stoner and defending Champion George Lorenzo had earlier this year claimed “concerns” over racing at Motegi,  as I thought I’d read they wouldn’t compete. While one of the sport’s greatest riders “the Doctor,” aka Valentino Rossi proclaimed one month ago he wouldn’t contest the rescheduled October 2 round of the MOTO GP Calendar...

While I’m not debating the need to go to Japan from a moral angle - in hopes of giving the country some much needed uplifting of spirits over the Tsunami and Earthquake disaster of March 11 - NOT to mention the thousands that perished  in this disaster. Just why is everyone in the media overlooking the crucial issue, i.e.; Nuclear Energy and its safety concerns... Oh Yeah, that’s right, it’s the Mainstream Media which Shill’s  for such entity’s as General Electric, Comcast, Westinghouse, Hitachi, TEPCO, etc. Oh Never Mind!

As somehow I’m assuming that Versus, HVM & Simona de Silvestro will ALL be very QUIET ‘bout who the team’s primary sponsor is this weekend, eh? As in who’s ‘CLEAN AIR Car? WTF??? Can you say ULTIMATE CONTRADICTION??? But Hey! At least “Symona-Symona’s” No. 78 should be very easy to spot in the dark, right? Oh, that’s right it’s just us stateside watching the race in the middle of the night!

Yet, why is NOBODY talking about the 80,000 displaced citizens whose homes will never be able to be reoccupied in Fukushima Daiichi’s Disaster zone, not to mention the millions of tons of radioactive waste water dumped into the sea in order to prevent complete nuclear meltdown of Fukushima Daiichi? Or its inherent effects upon the Sea-life that are part of Japan’s culture... Along with the cattle and crops contaminated with the radioactive fallout... Which subsequently went to market before the Japanese Government reluctantly admitted these occurrences.

And I’ve also read ‘bout how some IndyCar Officials previously made jokes ‘bout how we’ll find out in 10yrs whether or not it was right to go to Motegi... which perhaps they’d wish to refer to joking about said matter of radiation with just ousted Yoshio Hachiro, Japan’s ex-Minister of Trade & Industry; who joked about rubbing radiation on reporters recently when visiting the crippled Fukushima Daiichi complex - and how that went down with the Japanese public!

So, while I’m all in favour of the Indy Car Series racing at Motegi this weekend, I’m just NOT very impressed with the tactless ‘Smear campaign going on over the perceived lack of admittance over the HORRIFIC Environmental and Public Health problems that Fukushima Daiichi and Nuclear Energy have caused in Japan; who I’d say should perhaps take a close look at some place called Chernobyl. (Not to mention Hanford - US’s Nuclear DUMPING Grounds...)