Sunday, September 11, 2011

No Fenders joins the Kindergarden Brigade...

Otay, time for a little shameless self appreciation... As today mark’s the fifth birthday of No Fenders... And thus I thought I’d try a ‘lil bit different Spin on thee matter with a Top-5 list of Happiness at the World’s Greatest Ovaltrack - see Mr. Defender, even a Died-in-thee-Wool CART Fanatica can come to appreciate Ovals...

Fab-Five at IMS
5) Getting to Hang Out ‘Juan fine evening in the Flagroom (before it’s ruinous renovation...) and spend considerable time Chit Chattin’ the Gammit ‘O Motor Racing - primarily Formula 1 with the legendary Doctor Who, nee Tim Wardrop...

4) Unexpectedly having my MugShot taken with Indy Cars Diva ‘O Diva’s, the High Priestess, Err Princess... Nee DannaWho? DannaStar, Princess Perma Pout, Danicker, Princess Sparkle Pony or simply... Danica!

Although I’d haveda say I enjoyed my Photo-shoot with the SPEED Girls during the 2010 MOTO GP event far more then the awkwardness with Mrs. Danica Patrick!

3) Meeting the Speedway’s Walking Encyclopedia not once but twice - plus having the all knowing Donald Davidson personally telephone me twice in regards to a very long winded Blue Crown Spark Plug  Specials Saga 5-part story which I’ll hopefully get re-posted in the near future... As WIPED OUT ALL OF THE IMAGES in the ‘Mega Story a few years ago; SHEISA!

2) Meeting DJ WillyP, aka Will Power in a virtually Deserted IMS Hall of Fame museum the day after the 2009 Indy 500 - when Mister WillPower made a life LONG Fan outta Mwah!

No. 1: Without ANY Doubt! ABSOLUTELY Hands down my Numero Uno IMS activity... Drumroll please - Tuh-Duh!

Riding the synden Racing BEAST! 3-laps aboard the Indy Racing Experience’s 2X Seater with none other then the affable, fan friendly, Mike “Yippee-Aye-eh!” King’s ‘sidekick, Err Colour Commentator and Part-time IndyCar Competitor Davey Hamilton; YOWZA!

Fab-5 Honourable Mentions
1) Being granted an IMS Media Credential for the ’09 Indy 500 as part of the inaugural Blogger Brigade...

2) Meeting Indiana’s BAD BOYZ Duo - ‘R & JMV... As in OWR Curmudgeon Robin Miller and 1070 The Fan’s John Michael Vincent, not to be Cornfuzed with AirWolf’s Jan Michael Vincent; Hya! As I was introduced to both of these “Legends” in the Media Centre - although I’m still NOT sure who’s Batman or  The Boy Wanderer; Hur-Hur-Hur!

3) Having IndyStarz Big Kahoona Kurty Cavin reversing course on Pitlane to come over ‘N shake my hand thru the catch fencing at IMS on Carb Day...

4) Staying at the Brickyard  Hotel before its Demolition - even if I DIDN’T get to stay in Gomer Pyle’s, ‘superTex’s or favoured Grandson “QUATTRO’S” room...

5) Riding the Tour Bus around the Speedway at a Breakneck pace ‘O 5mph, stopping on the Yard ‘O Bricks all the while being serenaded by the soothing tones of D-Squared. (Donald Davidson)

And it’s truly been a GREAT ride these past 5yrs! Of which Obviously - SNAP; Oh Never Mind! (Right Jeffie?) Couldn’t have been done without ALL of thee great people I’ve met during this adventure... With assistance from ‘REVHEAD’s ‘N NON-Racing members alike - in NO particular order; Drumroll please... (Why do I feel a Sam Adams nameAthon coming on here, eh?)

Thus just a smattering of all of the helping hands behind the curtain are: Indiana Bureau Chief Danny B, Offical No Fenders  Photographer Dave ‘CARPETS O’Brien, Tacoma Bureau Chief ‘N No. 1 Driver Mary Ellen, Blogmeister Miguel, Pool Boy & Backup Chauffer ClydeOhRama, Artiste Dave, AZ Bureau Chief MJ and Randal “The Moniker King.”

Last BUTT definitely NOT least... YOU!

Although I continue to joke about my “36 loyal Readers,” I appreciate everyone - whoever Y’all are for continuously reading this eclectic mix ‘O Motor Racing...

And I chose the No. 5 Corn Flakes TaxiCab car ‘O Terry Labonte - since several year’s ago the great “Auntie” Harriet gave me a framed picture of the Labonte Bros - You say Labonte, I say Labatts; Oh Never Mind! As the picture in question sported just the word FLAKES above it in deference to my affinity for ‘RASSCAR; Hya!


Now, guess I’d better  go watch the Italian GP after all..