Friday, September 10, 2010

What? NO Portland on 2011 ICS Schedule – You’ve gotta be kidding, right?

A Shot rang Out!
Over a lone voice heard Howlin’ madly upon that World Wide Web thingy...
As the mild Howlin’ appears to be comin’ from the Pacific Northwest,
Home of a veritable legendary ‘Reptilian
Known as Sasquatch!

But was it the ever elusive Shaggy monster or simply a Crazed ‘Vurd Botcher Sleepless in Seattle? As perhaps said nucel basher was simply goin’ stir-crazy from thoughts of another long dark bleak ‘N blurry winter with countless Dazes ‘O Precipitation, perhaps?

Did said Word Butcher feel the need to cry for IndyCarz return to Portland after having been squeezed out 3yrs ago, fearing that soon his wordmaker machine would potentially become soaked by a never ending drizzle and perpetually worried ‘bout his Lucas ‘Lectrics giving up the Ghost, while Banana Slugs made happy trails up ‘N down his keyboard...

As yeah, a solitary Shot did indeed resonate over the Hype of the 2011 Indy Car Series Schedule being unfurled at the Milwaukee Fairgrounds... As it was the PoleDaypistolero being fired at 6PM, (was ‘Dat New York, Indy, East Coast or Seattle time?) signaling the end of the Media frenzy. But never-fear Portland International Raceway; Yuhs stills gotz another 11 chances to Qualify for inclusion upon a future Indy Racing League calendar, right?

As in all of this excitement... I’ve forgotten if I fired 5 (blanks) or 6-shots? Whales IndyCar, you’ve got to feel “Rucky,” right?
Whale dooze Yuh feels lucky IndyCar?