Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Motorcycle Racer fatality

Having just finished watching today’s MOTO GP action from Misano, Italy at the San Marino GP, it was saddening to hear SPEED Commentator Greg Kramer announce at the end of the Broadcast that Japanese rider Shoya "Tomi" Tomizawa Had perished from his injuries during the day’s Moto2 event... Which ironically I was watching just prior to the big crash, as Scott Redding Had gone from 1st to 4th after making one small mistake the Announcers said... As my TV Guide had claimed that the Indy MOTO GP race would be replayed at 9AM this morning... NOT!

Thus it seemed somewhat Karmic that the Broadcast showed all of the MOTO GP riders taking a minute of silence for Peter Lenz, the 13yr old rider from Vancouver, WA who died at Indy one week ago, as now two riders have died and one still remains in serious condition over the past 8-days...

Moto2 rider Tomizawa dies from injuries in Misano