Monday, September 27, 2010

Singapore Slings ‘N Fireflies...

(‘KOVY Barbeque; Source:

Whale, it seemed pretty funny to me that on the same weekend the Formula 1 Boyz were lighting up the night sky ‘O Singapore... ‘Nielsun Pickett (Nelson Piquet Junior) was blastin ‘round the Highbanks ‘O “los Wages” Speedway... Oh how the mighty(?) have fallen, eh? As Pickett’s only major Airtime was for magically runnin’ into his teammate exiting Pitlane... As ‘Ol Squeaky-toy (“Aw Shucks!”) Mikey (Waltrip) exclaimed: May be he wasn’t lookin’ wheres heeze was goin? As Pickett’s No. 15 rubbed fenderz with his No. 51 teamate Eric Almirola...

Yet at least Piquet’s evening wasn’t as painful as Indian PickemUp driver Narain Karthikeyan’s, who first got a Shout-out for spinning in Turn 2 early into the race, before I noticed him cloutin’ duh Wall with 40-laps remaining; OOUCH!

But speakin’ of lighting up the night... Team Lotus (2.0) two-point Oh’s ‘KOVY, nee Heikke Kovalainen literally lit up the night skies ‘O Singapore with a massive car fire... As Kova wisely stayed off of Pitlane whilst bringing the stricken Lotus T127 to a complete halt and then abandoning the raging fire...

Hmm? Does anybody have a Marshmallow; Hya!

Hydraulics problem for Trulli as Kovalainen is on fire

Heikki Kovalainen
(Chassis T127-01) 16th, fastest lap 1.53.051 - lap 53, 2 stops – laps 3, 34
“That was not quite how I thought my race would end! Until the fire, I was having a really strong run and the car had felt good throughout. We were looking good for 15th, but then I had a coming together with Buemi towards the end of the race. I spun the car to get back onto the track which I think cracked the fuel tank pressure release valve and it looks like that caused an airbox fire. I didn’t want to come into the pits as it definitely wasn’t safe enough to do so, and pulled over on the main straight. A couple of guys from Williams gave me an extinguisher, so I put the fire out on my own – I told Tony and Mike that they maybe need to pay me more as I’m now a fireman as well…”

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