Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Versus limbering up for ’09 IRL season

Whale... Although the verdicts still out upon the forthcoming Versus Indy Car TV coverage, I’m assuming by now Y’all have heard of the Versus Indy Car “Talking Heads” stellar line-up, with two of my favourites having made the cut: Bob Jenkins and Jon Beekhuis.

Versus announces Indy Car Broadcast line-up
And like Mr. CHiP’s (Chris) Estrada of Indy Racing Revolution, along with many others, I too received the IRL press release mass email from Arni, supposedly containing the new Indy Car “teaser” adverts played this past weekend. Unfortunately, I too was unable to download these and was busy watching the Rolex 24, so I didn’t have a chance to view the 11 second spots...

Yet, versus has already scored a line drive with Mwah... Upon the heads-up from No Fenders reader Too Much Racing whom alerted me to the fact that the comca$t owned channel would indeed be providing us with a 30mins daily highlights package of Dakar race action, which I’ve been unable to check out in previous years after SPEED pulled the plug upon this TV segment, so I’m already impressed by Versus and we haven’t even gotten to the meat ‘N the sandwich... A.k.a. 2009 Indy Car racing!