Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rolex 24 Postscript

Whale, by now I’m sure you’re all aware of how this year’s Rolex 24 nail biter ended, with David Donohue piloting the #58 Brumos Porsche, holding off a (whimpering) Juan Pablo Montoya by a scant 0.167 seconds! Hey Juan; Get Over It! You really don’t think you can go undefeated at Daytona Beach indefinitely, eh?

And I was glad to spot Too Much Racing’s Twiter, Tweeter, Err Twitter post proclaiming that Grand Am’s “Live” Timing & Scoring for this year’s Rolex 24 wasn’t working... Since I was beginning to wonder why in the HELL I couldn’t make it work either... As I was trying to get the scoop upon Car #88...

Farnbacher Loles Racing Hour 18 report:
“The No. 88 Porsche was a solid seventh in class, driven by Steve Johnson, Dave Lacey, Robert Nearn, James Sofronas and Richard Westbrook.”

Yet, while riveted to the Telescreen, I was able to learn Robert Nearn’s #88 Farnbacher Loles RacingPorsche 911GT3 Cup racecar was in 7th place in the GT class at the 18hr mark – and was holding station at the 21+ hour mark... And that one of his co-drivers is an ex “Dancin’ pardoner, as I seem to recall Robert sharing driving duties previously with Steve Johnson, an ex-NFL Dallas Cowboys Tight End, while racing for Synergy Racing in the ALMS... As the No. 88 soldiered home to 15th place Overall and 7th in the GT Class...

So, I was quite elated at the turn-out of a most nail biting finish... As I’ve previously stated that I was rooting for the #58 Brumos Porsche... Since I’d wanted David Donohue to cap a win on the 40th Anniversary of his father’s victory and Buddy “Hot Rod” Rice definitely deserved a Rolex timepiece after just having been most likely dumped from his D “N R Indy Car ride, eh? And as much as I like Scott Pruett, it was nice to see somebody else win the big race after TCGR’s three year lockout...

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