Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yeah, I know it’s NOT racing related... But then again, several Indy Car *Starz* live in the Valley of the Sun... Most notably Princess Danicker, whom according to Danny B; her racy Go Daddy Super bowl adverts have already been leaked to the public via le internets.

Also having family ‘N friends there I’d like to see the Arizona Cardinals WIN this year’s Super bowl on account of two reasons...

1. No Fenders logo Artiste Dave (Who’s been a life long Arizona Cardinals fan, even when there were only 19,000 fans during the hot days of summer at Sun Devil Stadium...) was kicked off of his school bus several moons ago for telling his fellow riders that Pittsburg*H* SUCKS!
(OOPS”! Was just informed that ‘duh *H* in Pittsburgh is silent just like duh H in Herbs... So it’s a good thin I’m a mimmber of duh Wurd Botcherer’s Club, eh?)

2. the Steelers defeated our beloved Seahawks in a very questionably officiated Superbowl, which we still contest that the Hawks won; thus PittsburgH still SUCKS!

And having just learned of fellow blogger My Name is IRL’s affliction for the USA Today, here’s a few related stories with potentially more then 200 words apiece...

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