Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Petrol Hi-Jinx

As I’ve just mentioned, I was quite shocked to learn that my Shuttle Van’s fare had been increased by another $8.00, due SOLELY to the price of petrol… As I’m sure that everybody is quite aware of the RIDICULOUS PRICE GOUGING currently transpiring at your local gasoline station…

In regards to this current manipulation of energy prices, I was privileged to overhear the two women in the van behind me chattering away nonstop; As one worked for Holland America and said the cruise liner had LOST $25 MILLION last year due to fuel prices, while the second woman said she’d just been to San Francisco to make everybody happy by raising her trucking company’s rate’s… Due to the petrol $PIKE! As her small company runs eight trucks daily on the west coast and their weekly diesel bill is $10,000.00! (Or at least that’s what it was three weeks ago…)

As you may be aware of? On April 1, 2008, the ULTIMATE APRIL FOOLS JOKE WAS PLAYED UPON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC… As five Oil Executive GOOBERS… You know part of Darth Cheney’s Energy Ta$k Force maniacally sat in front of our most impressive Congress and SHEEPISHLY Defended their rights ‘N needs to continue to overly DISGUSTING Energy Tax Credits they receive… Having just been indulged a WHOPPING $18+ BILLION SUBSIDY… As Y’all know how those BASTARDOES Have been raking in RECORD PROFITS with the cost of Oil having gone over $100 per barrel… F%%KING SHEISTERS!!!

Meanwhile as you, me and everyone at the bottom of the food chain is further squeezed by the price of EVERYTHING INCREASING (MINUS $ALARIES) The Independent Truckers were seeking some sort of fiscal relief from Curious George, a.k.a. “Raisin Brains; Chuckle Nuts or Half Man-Half Monkey!”
As I believe we’d seen a price difference of $3.16 per gallon of gasoline vs. $3.84 per gallon of diesel, which obviously is LESS than what today’s current rates are… As the Independent Truckers are supposedly going out of business at a rate of 2,500 per week as they simply cannot compete in today’s markets vs. the MEGA-Tropolis Trucking Companies…

And this doesn’t even go into the debate over how some of these MEGA-Companies operate… First by getting substantially larger fuel price discounts (40+ cents per gallon) by buying in large bulk quantities… Or the Minimal Training new trucking drivers receive… As one Independent Trucker claimed that he’d been approached by a “Rookie” driver who wanted to know how he backed his rig into loading docks. What, you mean you didn’t get any practice…

Or how apparently Swift Trucking, whose own training program churns drivers out as fast as possible and then hires them for a rate of $400 per week… Have been banned from driving a particular stretch of Highway from Missoula, Montana to Lewiston, Idaho because they were having one to two fatal accidents per week on said portion of roadway… Which has nothing to do with the trucks from South of the Border coming across State lines… Since their Trucking regulations are more laxed compared to ours…

Yet, I once read that the current household food supply travels a distance of 2,000 miles to reach our plates, which if true, paints a sorry picture upon our current DEPENDANCY on the Mother of all Evils, a.k.a. Black Tar… “Dares Oil in dem Hills!” Or are we running out of this beloved substance?

And just to complicate matters further… In case you’re getting all excited about Booby Ruble’s favorite sponsor, a.k.a. Ethanol… (I just love the smell of Methanol first thing in the morning!) Perhaps you’ve heard that this year’s planting of the yellow stuff will DECREASE… And thus with the higher demands put upon the current corn crop for the production of Ethanol, Animal Food stock and us Humans… Yep, you guessed it! The price of groceries will indeed continue to rise…

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  1. It is truly a sad situation in the United States. Whether Hillary, John or Obama are elected, you can count on continued governmental expansion and spending as well as massive budget deficits and rising prices.

    The only honest candidate who would end these policies, Mr. Ron Paul, does not have the type of broad support that the main stream candidates do. The average Joe Blow American is clueless as to what is about to hit them.

    If you think prices are out of control now, just wait and see what's coming at you in the very near future.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. As Jim Sinclair would say, "This Is It!"

    "Are you prepared?"