Monday, May 9, 2022

Netherland’s Next Max?

Although this Kid’s getting a late Start compared to K-Mag’


Ran across this story last week when perusing The Guardian Newspaper.


As some clever Dutch Polizia’ Good Naturedly posted a photo of a 4yr old Dutch youth, with the caption proclaiming the Next Max Verstappen?


As the enterprising four year old was initially found wandering the streets alone Barefoot and in Pajamas! Before a report about an Abandoned Car was received.


This led to the Police calling the owner and then watching the young Boy Demonstrate with Hand gestures Steering the Car when talking to his Mom.


Which said vehicle was found nearby two Damaged Cars, before the Boy was reunited with his parents after demonstrating how to start the car and Viola, Case Solved!


Although the aforementioned K-Mag’, aka Haas F1’s Kevin Bacon’ Magnussen was given a Go Kart for his first Birthday by his father Jan. Nonetheless, you’d better watch your “six” Max!