Thursday, May 12, 2022

Is this Myles Roe’s last weekend in Racing?

And do we really want to see His talent Wasted?


Read Racer’s Marshall Pruett’s story about Myels Roe’s Conundrum regarding his burgeoning U.S. F2000 season, and most likely racing career potentially coming to a Crashing Halt after this weekend’s Double Header outing at Mother Speedway. For which All I can say, would be an absolute Shame!


Credit to Augie Pabst for Hiring Myles to drive one of his Pabst Racing Team’s U.S. F2000 entries this season without Roe having a Full Budget! For which Myles has rewarded his Boss by scoring two wins from four starts, and was leading the Point Standings entering this weekend’s Indianapolis events.


Which makes it really Disappointing to think that somebody with much Deeper pockets than your Blind Cellar Dwelling Blogger has, isn’t willing to front the necessary $175,000 Roe needs to complete the season…


And  whilst I’m Not saying Myles is the next Pato O’Ward, Roe’s current situation makes me think of the Mexican IndyCar Standout who faced similar funding issues when driving for Carlin briefly at the beginning of his IndyCar career.


As I cannot believe somebody out there isn’t wishing to Cash In upon this Feel good story and see if Myles Roe can win this year’s U.S. F2000 Championship title, which would guarantee him at least one season in the Indy Pro 2000 series, and who knows? Perhaps one day a seat in Indy Cars…