Tuesday, May 10, 2022

INDY 500: The Saga of Saving No. 33

As C’mon Down Stefan, You’re the Final Contestant…


By now, Y’all know that Cusick Motorsports, Stefan Stork’ Wilson and DragonSpeed comprise this year’s 33rd and Final Indianapolis 500 entry, albeit Don’t know if the Official Indy 500 Entry list has been published yet?


Thanks to Racer’s Marshall Pruett’s typical Yeoman reporting, we’ve learned that the #25 DragonSpeed/Cusick Motorsports entry will be a Hastily converted A.J. Foyt Enterprises chassis. With Twisties’ Only Rookie Tatiana Calderon’s #11 RokiT Dallara Chevrolet being swapped over from Road Corse configuration following the “Guns ‘N Roses” (GMR) Indy GP, Justin-time’ for Opening Day upon Ye Big Oval at 16th & Georgetown the following Tuesday!


Although Arse-sumedly Stefan will need to pass the Veteran Refresher Orientation programme, which I’ll also Arse-sume IMS will give Him some Solo track time before Opening Day running for the entire field commences?


Naturally I Don’t Know Nothing ‘bout Don Cusick, other than He’s the Money Man, Err Patron behind Stefan Stork’ Wilson’s continued racing at Mother Speedway in May. As Stefan once again will run the #25 in tribute to his late Older Brother Justin B-I-G UNIT’ Wilson. As Cusick Motorsports funded Stefan’s drive with Andretti Autosport last year, which finished a disappointing 33rd.


As I tend to recall Marshall Pruett having written a story following last year’s 500 about how many drivers, including Stefan and The Dude! Aka Ryan Hunter-Reay fell Afoul to team’s attempts at pulling Brake Pads back in order to minimize that All important reduction of rolling Drag resistance to the absolute Entht Degree! Causing unsuspecting Drivers Not being able to engage their Brakes properly when making Pit Stops…


Whilst I’ll speculate that ‘Ol Narly Pinball’, aka Charlie Kimball also learned about this rolling friction reduction last year when trying to Qualify aboard one of A.J. Foyt’s four car entry with another converted Road Corse chassis…


The other interesting part gleamed on the Cusick Motorsports side of the equation is that The Viking’, aka former Road to Indy driver Anders Krohn is Cusick’s team Manager.


DragonSpeed as we know, is former Formula 1 Hopeful Elton Julian’s racing team, which has participated in two Indianapolis 500’s previously with a different English Bloke behind it’s keyboard. As Ben Hanley Qualified twice for the Indy 500 in 2019-2020. Most notably making the 2019 field with real “Boomping,” including Frederico Suave’, nee Fernando Alonso Failing to make the race, when another Minnowesqe team named Juncos and Kyle Kiser Bumped Alonso out of the Field, Yeah Baby!


Yet COVID-19 TKO’ed DragonSpeed’s plans for running a limited six race programme in 2020, ultimately just running that year’s Indy 500 before Julian ended up selling his Dallara DW 12 to the fledgling Meyer Shank Racing concern and returned to focusing on his core business of international Sports Car racing instead. As DragonSpeed has been primarily involved in competing in LMP2 Across thou Bloody Puddle in the FIA World Endurance Championship, albeit they’ve also run at the Rolex 24 and most recently at Sebring with two Montoyer’s,aka Juan Pablo and his son Sebastian Montoya this past March.


Thus DragonSpeed will provide the most crucial element according to All of the Media reports this year, i.e.; Manpower, ergo the necessary Crewmembers which supposedly are in scarce Supply currently, although I tend to believe this is Balderdash!


Thus many eyes, including Mine will be watching this unique Indy 500 entry collabouration which is guaranteed entry in this year’s race, and Hopefully will finish further up the Grid vs. Stefan’s unfortunate P33 finish last year.


Good luck Cusick Motorsports, Stefan Wilson and DragonSpeed!