Friday, December 10, 2021

A Few, Random Holiday Gift Ideas

But You’d better send Santa your list Priority Mail!


This is just a thought for those who may be trying to think of what to come up with for those interested in Motor Racing this fast approaching Christmas. As Thars’ currently three new Books I’d love to be able to read! But being a Blind Motor Racing Enthusiast, naturally I’m unable to read them, Sigh…


In No particular order, I’ll list them in how I’d tackle ‘em, but it’s just my personal preference. on Pole position or P1’, first I’d start with the just released ‘lil Al tome. Having once been a Fan of Al Unser Jr’s when for Mwah you were either a ‘lil Al )Unser) or Mikey A’ (Andretti) Fan during our yearly treks to Portland International Raceway during the 1990’s, when CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams) was at it’s Zenith!


I Always Rooted for ‘lil Al as an Underdog at Galles Racing thru his Dominating 1994 Penske campaign, before I felt He’d Smoked one too many Marlboros and seemed to drive off a Cliff figuratively. For which this book candidly deals with his reoccurring Alcohol Abuse and his other Misdeeds…


Al Unser Jr: A checkered Past


Next, since I actually Grew Up and wintnessed first hand the devastation of what forever will simply be known as The Split! Although being a Twisties’ Devotee and Portland International Raceway being my Hometrack, I was fiercely entrenched on the CART side of the Open Wheel Racing Divide. And naturally, the man I took to calling ‘lil Napoleon’, Ronnie George or just plain TG’, Tony George was the Enemy and his IRL was known to Mwah as the Indy Retirement League! But Hey, who’s still taking sides, Eh?


Thus I’d like to think that noted Journalist John Oreovicz’s Indy Split book would give me a wider perspective of both sides of this Stupid Destruction of Open Wheel Racing in America!


Especially since after a Quarter of a Century following TG’ announcing his intention to create the IRL in 1994. He’d go Full circle and Sell the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyCar Series and IMS Productions to his past Arch Nemesis El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske, one of the Architects of the rival Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) IndyCar series…


Indy Split by John Oreovicz


And taking the final Podium step is Paul Page’s book, who’s title is pretty self explanatory. As how could you not be interested in what the MC, Err Referee of the On Screen Smackdown of Uncle Bobby’ (Unser) Beating Up on the loquisious Sam Posey during ABC’s IndyCar TV coverage would have to say!


Hello, I’m Paul Page, It’s Race Day in Indianapolis


And like others who’ve already applauded Racer’s Marshall Pruett for asking those purchasing Motor Racing Gifts to do so from their local Memorabilia “Bricks “N Mortar” Stores. Noting how Amazon Won’t miss your business! Or eBay or Wallmart, etc.


Marshall recently posted a list of Independent Book and Memorabilia Stores you may wish to consider giving your Business in the November 24th edition of The Racer Mailbag, which is just below the picture of The Great Santini’, aka Santino Ferrucci in the link below.


While Marshall also points out how ‘Ol R’, aka Robin Miller the Curmudgeon ‘O Indy Cars was also fond of the offerings of Race Maker Press, Octane Press and Coastal 181.


Also, although I traditionally Roll Out Ye Barrell, Err link to this previous No Fenders post during the Turkey Lurkey Holiday week, Y’all may wish to give a try of some Past and Present Racers various Vinos. Whilst No idea if Ye Mayor’s Hinchtown Hammer Down  Beer is still available?