Wednesday, December 22, 2021

F1: Latifi Unfairly Hammered’

Is this really the way Sporting Fans want to Behave?


The News of Williams F1 Racing Driver Nicholas Latifi receiving Death Threats following the outcome of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix  is utterly Disgusting, Really Disturbing to Mwah, and is totally Inexcusable!


Excluding NASCAR, which After All, Racin’s Rubbin’ is a Cherished term and totally acceptable form of motor racing, Sigh! Immediately I can only think of three instances in Open Wheel Racing that somewhat compare.


Arguably Renault’s Crash Gate, when Neilsen Ho’, aka Nelson Piquet Jr. Deliberately Crashed his Renault into the Barriers to enable F1 teammate Fredrico Suave’, nee Fernando Alonso to fortuitously inherit the lead from the unexpected Safety Car and go onto win the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, when Renault desperately needed a win to buoy it’s flagging Formula 1 fortunes most closely “mimics” what Fans are Enraged over.


Otherwise I can only think of Robby gordon’s famous tossing out bits of his neck restraint to cause a yellow Flag in order to Pit, or the somewhat “Controversial” or conveniently fortuitous Spin/Stall of Bryan High Speed Hurdles’ Herta ensuring IndyCar teammate Marco Andretti’s Debutante IndyCar victory.


Yet in all three of those examples, the Drivers in Question were simply either trying to Help their respective teammates or themselves, and I’d like to remind Y’all that it makes absolutely Zero sense to think that Latifi had any Ulterior Motives, especially if we consider who supplys Team Willy’s Powertrain components, specifically it’s Mercedes Power Unit!


As I can only Applaud Latifi for having the “Hunger” to Not wish being passed by the lowly Haas of Mick Schumacher in the F1 Season Finale, or in general, which reportedly is what ultimately triggered Latifi’s unexpected Shunt into the Barriers at Yas Isle. For which Latifi did absolutely Nothing Wrong!


Somehow I Doubt this Repugnant Attitude has been voiced towards either of the Rookie Haas F1 Drivers who’ve arguably struggled with the worst Chassis on the Grid, either when Schumacher Junior or Nikita Mazepin have crashed and  caused Safety Cars to be Deployed. Although I’ll admit I’ve glombed onto the term  bantered about on Social Media calling him MazaSpin! Which obviously isn’t a term of endearment…


Yet as Sporting Fans or Society in General, making Death Threats from behind “The Curtain” of Anonymity are Zero percent Funny and should Absolutely Not be Tolerated! As I cannot scribble anything better than Racer’s Chris Medland wrote in his latest Opinion piece rightly Questioning What’s Wrong with Some people?