Monday, December 13, 2021

A Few, Random Pre Abu Dhabi Motorsports Thoughts

As let Thar be light!


Last week the electrician came to fix my Bungalow by The Sea’s Done Worn Out Kitchen’s Florescent lighting fixture, and I was dually impressed when Stan said so you’re into formula One? Which my “Wall of Art” prominently features various f1 Machinery, which should make it obvious!


But I was Uber Impressed that somebody in the Tiny Hamlet ‘O Ye Utter’ Florence actually Knew what formula 1 was!


Then Stan said you know they’ve got Formula E? And how do you think they’d do at Le Mans? To which I good naturely said they couldn’t do the whole 24 Hours on one charge! To which Stan said you know they’re working on Fusion powered, Oh you mean Hydrogen Fuel cells? As I was  very impressed by Stan’s general knowledge before He finally asked me the normal racing question I’ve been asked my whole life: do You follow NASCAR?


And I’d have to say I’m Not a Fan of RASSCAR’s for several reasons, one notably being the liberal use of what’s known as The Chrome Horn treatment!


Whilst although it was somewhat entertaining in IndyCar, when the Driver who epitomized that credo and made it his Calling Card, aka The Thrill from The West Hill, nee Sugar Ray Tracy or simply Pt’ Turfed many Ah-competitor! Nonetheless I’ve Never been impressed by this Driving mentality…


This got me thinking about All of the Kerfuffle over Mad Maxx and Mr. bubbles, nee Max Verstappen v Lewis Hamilton, since after all, it Does take Two to Tango! Although I do Not endorse the tactic of simply Bulldozing your Opponent Off track!


But you do have to admit it’s kinda Funny if you think about today’s “Premiere” BARF! Roundy round Taxicab Bombers series in North America, i.e.; NASCAR and it’s weekly proliferation of Racin’s Rubbin’, Yeehaw!


And why did I find this year’s IMSA Petit Le Mans Sports Car race so enjoyable when once again, Ricky Taylor Dive bombed his competitor Felipe Nasr for the Championship title on the race’s final lap?


As I get it, that formula 1 Bills itself as Thee Pinnicle of Motorsports and hence rightly should set the Bar Higher then others, and I Detest simply Nerfing your Competition in order to Win! But Hard racing’s been in Formula 1 and Motor Racing’s DNA as a whole presumably ever  since Man began racing against each other.


Thus, what makes Max Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton’s Mano e Mano struggles so Different? Since I’d say that the Ayrton Senna v Alain Prost Feud was far more insidious…


Not to mention Michael Schumacher being Struck from the Record books and Final results of the 1997 F1 season after trying to deliberately wreck Jacques Villeneuve who went onto become that year’s World Champion.


And why is it Ok to race this way in NASCAR and Sports Cars, and somewhat to a lesser extent Indy Cars, but Not F1? As It’s Just A Thought…


Although after All of the rampant Media induced speculation over whether or Not Max v Lewis’s title decider would be by way of Ontrack Collision precedeing the  race. You could rightly say that it was Michael Masi instead who delivered the TKO!