Monday, November 1, 2021

F1: The 2001 USGP Revisited

As what’s that ‘Ol Pink Floyd song about 20 Years On and You’ve Missed the Starting Gun…


Life’s Uhm, like a bowl of what’s that ‘Ol Forest Gump? As little did I know that I’d inexplicably be on hand to bade ‘Ol Blue it’s final Farewell to thoust Great Wrecking Yard in The Sky! Some two decades after that most Fantastic 17 day Road-trip outing to Mother Speedway and All places in-between, as we definitely went Everywhere Man!


With Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen calling an Audible, I unexpectedly found myself back in the City of Destiny, where ‘Ol Robert Cray sang about the Back Door Slam nearly a Fortnight ago.


As the Tow Truck said it would be there between 9Am-1PM, although didn’t arrive until 2:30PM, Crikeys! As I joked to Mary ellen and Claaudio’ that I’d get to “See” It one last time. But then I actually got to place my hands upon it when using it as a Shield to do what All Men do when on road-trips out in Ye Wild, even if it was just on the Mean Streets of Tacoma, Hya!  


As Y’all may be asking who’s ‘Ol Blue, if you’re still reading this? Whale’ it’s none other than Ye Trusty ‘Ol Circa 1978? Vintage Ford Econoline Campervan with a custom, unique one of a kind opening glass windows Pop-top; At least the only one I’ve ever seen! For which Mary Ellen and her Hoond Sarah transported your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso to his first ever outing at Mother Speedway’, ergo Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


As the 2001 United States Grand Prix was the first major Sporting event following the events of 9/11 Stateside, and I still marvel at our audacity, and more bluntly Mary Ellen’s determination to drive to Indianapolis with neither of us having Cell phones or any knowledge if the race would actually be held, leaving a week ahead of the slated first (Free Practice) FP1 session on Friday, September 28, 2001.


As this would be my first time ever to see my “Hero” Der Terminator’, nee Michael Schumacher in action in the Flesh, even if “Mika the Finn” won the race…


And I still recall now how Mary Ellen’s Hoond’ then, Sarah, a delightful Cardigan Corgi  refused to ever willingly get into ‘Ol Blue again after that trip, when she’d been forced to spend the entire day Friday cooped up in the Bloody van!


As we’d elected to pay $20to park in somebody’s yard far, far away, since Mary ellen had proclaimed we’re Not paying 40 Smackeroos’ ($40) for parking closer to Ye Brickyard!


Then finding out that Wayback then, Y’all could park for Free inside the Speedway. Hey, how was I supposed to know? Never having been Thar before.


Mary Ellen bluntly told me we’d be at the Entry gate the following morning at Gory 6AM when it opened in order to park inside IMS! As I could go back to sleep after we’d parked and she’d be able to spend time with Sarah. Whilst I still rejoice over her cooking me piping Hot Flapjacks with real Maple Syrup inside Mother Speedway the next two mornings, since our Campervan came complete with a propane Stove and Icebox…


Per usual, it’s not only hard to believe another five years has slipped by since I put my memories of said trip into Ye Either here upon No Fenders. But even more astounding that twenty years has just vanished, Yikes!


As Y’all can read my memories of my Debutante outing to Mother Speedway 20 years ago now in another Mega Four part story in the link below. But Y’all might be Ah-Sayin’ Four instead, since it’s the usual Hefty, long winded story I’m famous for upon Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville Mateys!


As this wonderful USGP trip just came Ah-Floodin’ back into thou Memory Banks before going to Tacoma, and then when trying to Poond’ out my personal Tacoma Trip recap notes, Enjoy.