Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Two Thumbs Up for Sir Lewis, Rossi Races Baja and The Doctor Hangs Up his Helmet

As one Rossi Plays In the Dirt while another Puts Away his Riding implements…


Just a few leftovers from Ye Turkey Lurkey Festimuss…


No, I’m Not giving Sir Lewis Hamilton 2 Thumbs Up for his recent Shenanigans, Err victories at Sao Paolo and Qatar. Nope instead I’m just thoroughly Stoke’ over his decision to wear a custom “Crash Bucket” prominently displaying the Rainbow Flag Pride coloursin support of the LBGTQ+ community against Qatar and Saudi Arabia’s Abhorrent Behaviour and “Beliefs” towards the Gay Community and those who are Different…


As Hamilton’s support of the LGBTQ+ Community with his striking Helmet design, which he says He’ll continue wearing at Jeda; as C’mon Lewis, Don’t give Abu Dhabi a Free pass!


As Hamilton’s show of support follows Sebastian Vettel’s Bold statement in Hungary, where he was reprimanded by the FIA Stewards for not covering up his personal T-Shirt with the words Saying Love in predominant Rainbow Pride colours in response to Hungary’s Dastardly Anti-LGBTQ+ Government policies!


Meanwhile, and I had Zero Clue he was once again contesting the Ba-Jah’ 1000. IndyCar driver Alexander Rossi was part of the winning Class 7 Honda Ridgeline Pickup Truck’s crew in his third attempt. As Rossi joins the likes of ‘Ol Rufus Parnelli Jones as Indianapolis 500 winners to win the Baja 1000.


Although I believe that Parnelli’s the only Indy 500 winner to have ever won the prestigious Baja 1000 Overall not once, but twice consecutively between 1971-1972 with Co-Driver Bill Stroppe in a Ford Bronco.


And I recall what Jones called “Big Oly!” Quite well as a Wee lad being a shiny Gold Bronco with cutout side Doors and monstrous Sprint Car style “roof” Wing adorned with it’s sponsor Oly’ emblazoned upon it’s sides Endplates.


As that was the only Beer my Grandfather drank and I tend to recall him giving me many Oly powered stickers promoting the local Warshington’ Olympia Beer brand from Tumwater, WA.


Having just learned that the highly modified 1969 Big Oly’ Ford Bronco with a “tuned” Thunderin’ 351cid Ford V-8 recently sold at Auction for $1.7 million! Or a total of $1.87m with All Buyers Fees and Commissions included, Aye Karumba!




Arse-sumedly everybody already knows about The Doctor’, nee Valentino Rossi finally calling Time on his illustrious MotoGP career at season’s end, following an imperious two plus decades of throwing his legs over the saddle of the Baddest Road Racing Motorcycles! Beginning with his “big Bikes” 500cc debut at the 2000 South African Motorcycle Grand Prix (March 19th) on the Honda NSR500  Grand Prix machine before the series was rebranded MotoGP in 2002.


Prior to this year’s Season Finale at Valencia, Spain, Rossi had made 371 Starts in the premiere  MotoGP class. Scored an Amazing 89 wins, 199 Podiums and 55 Pole Positions during his unheard of 21 year MotoGP career!


As it was the Italian’s 432nd Overall Motorcycle Start, i.e.; 125CC, 250, 500 and MotoGP combined. With The Doctor having claimed a staggering Nine Championships total over a 25 year career beginning with his Debutante 125cc campaign in 1996. As Rossi won the 125cc Championship in 1997 before spending two years in 250cc’s, where he won the 250cc crown in 1999 before graduating to the satellite Honda Nastro Azzurro Squad aboard a Hondre’ NSR500 “Scooter” for the new millennium.


Valentino won the first of five straight titles beginning in 2001, not only as the very last 500cc World Champion, but also the latest Satellite Team winner. With his first three Championships on Hondas before switching to Yamaha for the 2004 season. And Rossi lost the ’06 MotoGP title to the late Nicky Hayden, aka The Kentucky Kid when crashing out in the season finale. Rossi claimed his final two MotoGP World Championships in 2008-09 along with three more Runner-up finishes between 2014-16, also on Yamahoppers’ after returning from a dreadful two year stint at Ducati. Wit The Doctor’s final MotoGP victory coming at the 2017 AssenTT circuit…