Monday, November 29, 2021

Frank Williams: 1942-2021

As Sir Frank makes his final Grand Prix start…


Awoke to the news of Sir Frank Williams Death Sunday morning when perusing Joe Saward’s F1 Blog, with the founder of what forever will be Team Willy’ for Mwah passing away at the Age of 79.


As Messer Saward has a great story about Frank the person, not the Cut throat Businessman or ruthless F1 Team Owner.


Whilst Team Willy’ was a long time “Enemy” for Mwah, first being an Alain Prost Fan during his McLaren days, and then those Damn, Dominant blue and yellow Cannon FW Renaults daring to stop Der Terminator’s, nee Michael Schumacher’s path to Glory, first at Benetton and then Ferrari!


Although I do have Fond memories of being in the BRDC’s facility at Silverstone Wayback’ in Bloody 2009 and marveling over a few of the past Williams F1 racecars on the lawn, especially one in a magnificent dark, Navy, or more akin to Midnight Blue sparkling in the afternoon’s sunshine!


As Y’all can tell, as a lowly blogger’, I’m not even gonna try matching Wits with the likes of Professional Scribblers who’ve penned fine stories about Sir Frank. Hence having left the “Heavy lifting” to the likes of Joe Saward and Racer’s Chris Medland. With the latter’s including various Tweets from the likes of Jeff Gordon, Conor Daly, the Wee Willie buxom’ (Will buxton) and others…