Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RETRO: Traipsing Off to Mother Speedway for the very First time...

IMS Pagoda, a decade later during the Indianapolis 500's Centenary year. (The Tomaso Collection)

How does a decade and a half seemingly go by in Thou blink 'O Thee Eye? And does anybody still remember the 2001 USGP at Mother Speedway?

For which I've recently noted this fifteenth anniversary of said event previously. As it's somewhat sad, and definitely feels strange not attending this year's USGP at COTA...

For Mwah, the Twenty-oh-One'  USGP holds a significant place in Thy Heart. Although it wasn't my debutante Formula 1 race, having already attended two Grands Prix in Arizona, the first and last Formula 1 races held there; Y'all know, those Iceberg GP's run on the Streets of Downtown Phoenix! Which I last scribbled 'bout in;

Not to mention my maiden European Grand Prix at someplace called Monza in 1999, when I thought I'd be seeing my Hero 'DER TERMINATOR, aka Michael Schumacher in Scarlet overalls in person the first time, before he broke his leg at Bloody Silverstone just months prior to leaving for Italy...

'01 USGP Pocket Programme
But the 2001 United States Grand Prix is special to me for several reasons, most notably when Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen cemented her place in my heart everlastingly by not only offering, but transporting me Coast-to-Coast in the most wondrous 17-day Roadtrip to Indianapolis for that year's Grand Prix. After I'd been previously stiffed by some "Friendz" towards attending the Man-trip inaugural USGP - with my place being usurped the year prior!

As Thy Memories are slowly draining away, as I'd clung to the notion that I still wasn't going Blind 'Wayback then, by attempting to scribble copious travel notes Freehand; which fifteen years later are most annoying for the fact that they're very illegible; SHEISA!

9-11: A Day of Blasphemy!
Will try to somewhat refrain from going A-L-L WONKY here, but! What I recall most 'bout 9-11 is how I guess I was in a stupour, like everyone was, right? Since it took me some three-plus Dazes to finally figure out what was wrong?

As Seattle went BLUTO! A few days later when the silence of the sky was shattered irrevocably by a lone military F-16 Jet Fighter being scrambled; Aye Karumba! (Presumably taking off from Everett's Paine Field...)

shrieking southwards fully L-I-T! Nee Full Afterburner - paralleling our Interstate Five (I-5) Freeway, I heard the jet blast past my Frumpy 'lil Abode that long forgotten day, as everybody went into a frothing tizzy! Flooding the local media outlets with calls 'O Hysteria...


Eureka! Now I know, there hasn't been one single, solitary civilian aircraft flying since 9-11! Y'all know, the day when some String Quartets could NO longer Busk' aboard Washington State Ferries.

Having scribbled last year, regarding thou most legendous' Day 'O Dazes! When ironically I began posting stories on thy 'lil No Fenders 'BLOB thingy five years after the B-I-G' BANG! For which Don Henley's Karmically released Album and title song that very same year says I-T all, eh?

VIDEO: Inside Job

FRIDAY, SEPT 21, 2001
Can still vividly recall Sarah greeting me in the parking lot that Fall day, when Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen commanded her to G-O GET TOMASO! As Sarah, a fantastic (Purebred) Cardigan Corgi was the canine who began I-T all for Mwah being smitten with Mary Ellen's plethora 'O Hoonds...

Having been successfully corralled by Sarah, we left thee parking lot of Everett's "Evil Empire's Twin Towers" at 3:15PM. Trundling off in thou legendous' 'Ol Blue, Mary Ellen's trusty 'Ol 1978 Ford Econoliner Camper Van with custom sliding glass windows Pop-top towards Rosland, WA; Y'all know where some 'Ol TV Show called Northern Exposure took place. Setting sail for our ultimate destination, thee Brickyard in good 'Ol Indiana, for that year's rendition of the USGP at what's ultimately become fondly known here on thoust No Fenders BLOB' as Mother Speedway!

And I WON'T try recounting everythingy', especially since after six-plus hours of trying to decipher my handwriting, and only getting thru to Butte, Montana! Our trek eastwards included multiple firsts for Mwah. Visiting Custer's Last Stand and 'Jellie-stone, nee Yellowstone! Along with Mount Rushmore on a Postcard perfect day! Along with a still under construction Crazy Horse and Wounded Knee.

As the latter was very important to Mary Ellen, as I still recall her fretting 'bout having missed the turnoff, and calmly telling her to turn back round. Ultimately visiting a very somber Wounded Knee Massacre monument. While the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota is one of the saddest places I've ever visited in my life!

Since although we cannot change this sad affair 'O history, we can make a small amends for Leonard Peltier's highly questionable Forty years of Incarceration, can't we Mr. Barrack Obama!

IMS Pagoda Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Official Photographer ‘CARPETS
'O1 USGP Pocket Programme - The Tomaso Collection