Sunday, October 30, 2016

NBC Pulls Nasty Trick upon Stateside F1 viewers!

Hmm? Wasn't that 'lil Sid Vittle in the Pink Tutu performing a Triple Lutz Cow-tow whilst meltin' down the Ice in Mexico City...

Sorry Folks, as I'm going A-L-L Meesh here's; Err Potty Mouth like Sebastian Vettel's increasingly become these days! But seriously? You FUCKING ARSEHOLES! Screwing us out of the most important F1 Extra show by pushing us onto your FRIGGIN' App! Which I not only don't have one, but do NOT wish to even contemplate having to watch; Err listen to TV on my non-existent Smartfone!


Otay, got that outta Duh way! As what's WRONG with this picture? As I pay an astronomical monthly premium for cable television service solely to be able to watch 'N listen to Formula 1 and IndyCar, not FREAKIN' Ice Skating, Kapishe!

As pretty sure this will go down as my favourite race 'O year, which I'm NOT surprised anymore at NBC's atrocious handling of its F1 coverage, although I'm overly disappointed and cannot wait 'til Formula 1 moves over to the Discovery Channel, who'll surely treat thou pinnacle 'O motorsports better, right?

Like seriously? You're gonna grow your sport in Americre' by routinely NOT airing the Post-race Podium interviews on TV? Oh Never Mind!

And now I'm really PISSED OFF! As seriously! NBC showed Ice Skating instead of two-times Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya conducting the Post-race Winners interview; FU NBC!