Monday, October 10, 2016

The Tomaso Files: Definitely Not a Crank', but surely thy Wheels are Ah-Spinnin' round 'N round...

Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen with her new Chauffer Tomaso at the wheel of LeMay ACM's 1923 Buick touring car. (The Tomaso Collection - Photo courtesy of LeMay ACM)
As why is that 'Ol Johnny Cash classic "I've Been Everywhere," Man! Song Uh-comin' to mind right now...

Especially when I can barely S-E-E thoust words I'm typing Onscreen right now, presumably due to thee Sun, that bright thingy in the sky filtering thru the windows 'O Tomaso Manor somewheres' in Nofendersville, (When I began typin' this several Dazes ago, between trips Out 'N Aboot..) which probably won't be occurring too much longer in good 'Ol Warshington', now that the RAINY season's upon us; but I digress...

As your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso should be somewheres' in the "High Desert Plains" 'O Eastern Warshington' when Y'all read this - which reminds me of another old No Fenders tome poonded out long ago; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Although there weren't NO RUSh Concerts involved this time, albeit that story is the genesis of when I first met 'N spent considerable "Quality Time" with thou late, esteemed Mad Molly...

Obviously having picked the wrong weekend to skip watching; Err listening to a Grands Prix, when choosing to forego the Malaysian GP in favour of spending the weekend in "The City of Destiny" with Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen and Thou Pixolator', nee Pixie the Wonderdog instead in a virtual News Blackout, since there wasn't any Television available - and the CAPITALI$TIC JACKALOPES at comca$t refuse to let one of their Cable TV subscribers watch the races "live" via Zed Internetz' unless Y'all only utilize their Monopolistic services, i.e.; Cable TV-Internet-Phone; Oh Never Mind!

Then again I'm told that the race didn't commence 'til round midnight out here on Thar west coast, finishing round 2AM Pacific? Or was that when most JOYOUSLY Poor 'Ol Louise 'JAGUAR Hamilton's engine; Err PU went KUH-BLAMOE; HURRAH!

As I was just tickled Pink, or was 'Dat Yellow, Orange, Green and Purple; Or whatever colours Rainbows are? Albeit a day later whilst seated on a park bench at Browns Point State Park Ah-waitin' Sunset, replete with Rainbow above us when learning 'bout Hamilton's race going POOF! Uhm, Up in Smoke... As BOO-HOO-HOO Lewis!

And perhaps if Yuhs quit overtaxing your Power Units you wouldn't be the only one having multiple engine failures, perhaps? As certainly there's something different in his driving characteristics causing his multiple power unit failures Me Thinks! Especially if his whimpering; Err Wingeing on 'bout only 9-of-43 Mercedes units have expired; A-L-L on Lewis's Backside...

As I was looking forward to watching; Err listening to A-L-L three evenings F1 coverage from Suzuka on Thy Telie', even if it most likely won't surpass the intrigue of the Malaysian Grand Prix...

Yet Alas, with all of Thy running about, I haven't even had time to finish poondin' out my thoughts upon the just concluded Red Bull Air Races at Mother Speedway; CRIKEYS!

Which suppose it's somewhat Karmic, that the librarian highly suggested I try listening to a book her father was raving about, aptly titled The Wright Brothers,  by David McCullough. Which was a very enjoyable book, having just finished listening to I-T on CD Audiobook format before departing to go over the mountain.

To the Yakima River
Along the Naches Pass trail
Lay Wild Bloomin' Roses
Besides a Babbling Creek
Leads to the Mighty Columbia
Where iridescent Salmon
Swim along the Hanford Reach...

Having just learned very briefly of this Naches Pass Trail I'd never known 'bout when searching for the Coors-wreck' speeling 'O Naches...

All of which is making my internal Jukebox call up that most recent RUSh Travelin' Man song, Y'all know the one that The Rhythm Professor, aka Neil Peart summed up regarding his epic multi-thousand Klicks' (kilometers_ solo journey upon his BMW Scooter.

VIDEO: Ghost Rider

Which leads to a splendidly merging Segway', as I haven't even begun, with the exception of composing Mary Ellen's email notes taken upon our latest visit to my Numero Uno Pacific Northwest museum, Tacoma's LeMay ACM, (Americas Car Museum) into formative prose; which just so happened to be featuring BMW's predominantly in their museo' - perhaps in celebration of some Bavarian Motoring Werks Automobile company being founded a Century ago this past March? Which is very Symbiotic, eh?

As it'd been a really long time since Mary Ellen had last offered to take me to the museum, for which I've had the pleasure of having my picture snapped behind the wheel of this particular '23 Buick "Roadmaster" Touring mobile once before, albeit flyin' Solo that time - before getting the opportunity to audition as her Chauffer, as Mary ELLEN said she's tired of driving me Everywheres Man; touche! Which naturally found myself hearing that classic Beatles song playin' on the Buick's radio; Hya!


And although I somehow feel the Dithering 'Ol Fool, albeit I'm still feebly clinging to the notion that I'm only getting old-ER; Hooah! I learned of a new term, for which if Y'all are still followin' along? Noticed in that mesmerizing story title the word Crank. Which Messer McCullough's excellent Wright Brother's book denotes as a person becoming so enraptured in one singular idea, for which the general population finds ludicrous, i.e.; the possibility of Mankind flying in machines above earth's flat plain... That the person in Questione is simply considered to be Looney, or as CRAZY as a Loon!

With the following simple definition provided by Merriam-Webster's Dictionary; Hmm? As think I've got an ancient Boyhood copy of a plain Webster's dictionary collectin' Dust on Thy Bookshelves here in Nofendersville; CRIKEYS!

A person who has strange ideas or thinks too much about one thing.

Whilst Orb' and Will', formally known as Wilbur and Orville Wright, with Wilbur being the elder brother - successfully succeeded in not becoming another of the countless "Cranks" to join Darius Green in his Flying Machine -in their pursuit of manned flight in a heavier than air vehicle. But that's another story waiting to germinate in thou languid fields 'O Nofendersville...

Off to the Right Side of Warshington' to soak up some of our last Sun's rays, especially now since there's a "SEVERE WEATHER ALERT" for Ariel Flooding on my telephone news right now...

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