Saturday, October 15, 2016

IMSA: 2016 Petit Le Mans Postscript

Alas, another mostly unwatched Sports Car season closes its books...

Having already alluded to the Fact-Uh-mundo' that I missed the entirety 'O this year's Petit Le Mans Sports Car season finale, (Oct 1st) purusing Racer's Marshall Pruett's typical Yeoman-like race report, it appears there were NO real surprises, with the exception of who the overall winner was, along with the GTD *Daytona) class winner's disqualification (DSQ) for one of its drivers not meeting the minimum Seat-time driving requirement.

Or Y'all can simply skip here to see the full rundown, which appropriately, this year's IndyCar champion led their contingent 'O drivers: 2016 Petit Le Mans race results

Whilst upon purusing said results, it appears that my Hometown Boyz',
the Team Seattle/Alex Job Racing (AJR) #23 Porsche 911 Panzerwagon finished P27 Overall.

As la Femme Fatale Cristina Nielsen completed her three hours minimum drive-time to capture her first major championship, alongside co-driver Alessandro Balzan. Being the second consecutive for Scuderia Corsa, having won the class last year with (Townsend) T' Bell & Bill Sweedler at the keyboard.

And thanxs to Marshall's reporting, I just learned that MSR will depart the Prototype ranks in favour of running Honda's two car "Works" Acura NSX GTD programme next season, for which it seems only appropriate, and symbiotic that Mike Shank & Co would get to close the Daytona Prototype era on top in their P2 chassis. While next year's DPi class sounds quite promising with Cadillac, Mazda and Nissan all joining the fray.

As the Acura NSX programme looks to be in good hands with the announcement of Timothy Keene as General manager for the Honda effort, who's accustomed to winning races and championships, with a quite respectful record being accomplished during his Chip Ganassi Racing tenure.

As there'll actually be meaningful winter testing, with the Daytona Prototype International (DPi) machines working out their kinks, while at least one new manufacturer will join the GTD ranks, with possibly Nissan's BAD ARSE GTR GT3 machines also joining the lower tier Gran Tourismo entrants next year?