Friday, October 21, 2016

INDYCAR: Widow writes Memoir to Cope with loss of Paul Dana

This story was sent to me by No Fenders 'Offical Photographer CARPETS', who recently spotted I-T in his local Fish-wrap, i.e.; Indianapolis Star Newspaper, which unfortunately longtime IndyCar "Insider" Curt Cavin has just departed! As hopefully the IndyStar won't be so short-sighted as to not find a comparable replacement for its IndyCar coverage; but I digress...

As I must confess, that even now, a decade after his death, I still know virtually anything 'bout Paul Dana, other than I do recall hearing 'bout his death that weekend of the '06 season opening Homestead I"RL race, where Dana was team-mates with Buddy "Hot Rod" Rice and Queen Danica Patrick at Booby Ruble's RLLR racing team, who pulled both entries from the race in honour of their fallen driver.

Whilst on a side note, Dana who brought the Ethanol brand not only to Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing from Hemelgarn Racing, and ultimately the Indy Racing League. Would see Jeff Simmons taking over for him before being replaced by somebody named Ryan Hunter-Reay...

Alas, how can anybody who hasn't personally experienced the tragedy of losing a loved partner adequately describe their feelings of loss? Being even more devastating for Tonya Bergeson-Dana, who notes in her forthcoming book simply titled Crash, she was expecting to surprise her husband Paul about being pregnant upon his return home from Miami that fateful weekend.

With Bergeson-Dana's book intended to not only help resolve her grieving process, having found little information previously that helped her as a single parent, along with telling a lasting story for their son Conor about his late father's life.

As Tonya's managed to move on, and has successfully opened the Urban Chalkboard in Indianapolis, explaining it's simply like when the Children's museum meets Starbucks...

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