Sunday, October 23, 2016

USGP: Snap Chattin' at COTA...

Probably the closest anybody will get towards the Silver Arrows this weekend, unless Hamilton's busy Snap-chattin' again? As sadly there won't be any F1 show cars unhand like this one during Austin's 2014 Fanfest event. (The Tomaso Collection)

Was Lewis Hamilton busy firing off one last Snap Chat photo when the lights went out in Suzuka? Inquiring Minds wanna Know; Ah C'mon, that Juan' was too easy...

As triple world champion Lewis Hamilton, who's done I-T all a million times before was reputedly heard over his In-car radio mumbling 'bout how he just wanted to fire off one more Snapcat Pic before the lights went out - whilst possibly working upon giving his Bosom Buddy Brittany', nee Nico Rosberg some healthy Bunny-ears, eh? Whilst sittin' on the wet side of the Suzukre' Circuito's Ash-fault,
Lewis could be heard cooing in an Elmer Fudd voice: Be vewwey-vewwey quite Nico, we're huntin' Wabbits; Hya!

As Seattle's recent weather woes certainly made me reminisce over last year's USGP Fiasco at Circuit Of The Americas, for which I've got NO idea if I'll get to watch; Err listen to I-T this weekend?

Although it was quite COMICAL hearing Duh tandem leaf blower Boyz' waltzing thru Thy Nofendersville Neighborhood just hours prior to Thursday's impending windstorm...

As how can I ever forget attending last year's Mudfest at AUSTIN? For which apparently could be my final Grands Prix attended?

Whilst it's certainly NOT a foregone conclusion that Nico Rosberg will finally shine in the best chassis on the F1 Grid and become only the sport's second ever son to duplicate his father's success as World Champion!

Nonetheless, things definitely seem to be tilting in Rosberg's favour. As perhaps it'll be Nico flinging the compensatory Pirelli ball cap at Hamilton this year? As I'm personally wishing for Rosberg to be victorious!


(Photo Courtesy of Austin Hostess Nelie)