Saturday, September 11, 2021

Year 15: No Fenders Turns Graham Rahal’s Car Number

A few assorted ticket stubs from various Portland International Raceway IndyCar races I've attended previously. (The Tomaso Collection)


Although You’ll probably just be ah-Sayin’ bully for You!


As the late Jimmy Neighbors would say, Whale’ Gall Eeee!


Since when I began trying to ruminate my thoughts ‘O Tiny Bubbles, Hey Stop That Don Ho! Nope instead, the words from that long ago Grateful Dead’s Truckin’ song came Ah-Blarinn’ onto my internal “Kenwood” Speakers. Yuhs know, “What A long Strange Trip it’s Been!”


“Sometimes the lights been Shining Down On Me,

Other times I Can Barely See,

Lately it Occurs to Me,

What A Long, Strange Trip it’s Been…”


But instead I’m going with the other, more Apropos song, since Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen was just asking me isn’t there a song about You know? What’s that ‘lil ditty about


”When You’re Strange, People Forget your Name,

When You’re Strange, Faces Come Out of the Rain,

When You’re Strange, Nobody remembers your Name,

Women seem Wicked when you’re Unwanted, When you’re Strange!”


As it seems like a Zillion years ago since I last wrote, Err typed my latest Birthday Salutations to Thyself here upon No Fenders, since apparently it wasn’t Lucky Number 13 for Mwah after all! Since little did I know of the impending Google Doomsday machine’s intentions! As 2020 seems like a Forgotten Year…


Although I’d told Y’all Wayback in 2019 I was sticking round for at least another year in order to get to the number 14, which I think is still a pretty famous IndyCar number El Correctomundo? As here’s the previous Anniversary notice.


And although I’ve attempted toning down the past desires to use Hyperlinks upon Ye No Fenders Blog stories Ah-Plenty’ since returning in earnest. Please forgive the multitude of them in this Post, since I can No longer See adequately to Highlight them to properly Insert links upon the “New & Improved” Blooger’ Blog platform that I’m slowly coming to grips with.


Since if you’re a long time reader of the site, then you already know the painful Gyrations as a Blind Word Butcher I’ve endured the past year whilst trying to continue blogging and staying Connected in the “Wired” World, after Blogging came to a Crashing Halt last August!


As I could regale Y’all about how Horrendous of A Nightmare I’ve had trying to Arse-simulate into the All conquering World of winDOUGHS 10 and my myriad ‘O Technical Issues with my Putrid Zoomtext 2020 and Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader, for which now some18 months plus are still Not totally resolved! But do you really care?


And I Don’t want to be too Nihilistic, as I Love that word, so Thanks Geddy! Even if Nobody could write the lyrics like the late Rhythm Professor’ Neil Pert could!


Since not only did I buy Geddy Lee’s Solo Album My Favourite Headach, but I also rather enjoyed it! Being the RushApyle’ I once was. Although Holy Crap! Did I really buy that CD 21 Freakin’ years ago? As that really startled me!


As I have to say I brooded slightly when “reading,” Err listening to a fellow IndyCar Blogger lamenting how Bittersweet it was that their season of attending seven IndyCar races live was coming to a close at Gateway, whilst No Fenders Moniker King Randal asked me recently what my next International Travel Plans were? To which I replied not only Don’t I have any, but I haven’t left Ye Utter’ Florence since November, 2019!


Not to mention I haven’t been to a Racetrack since the 2018 Indianapolis 500, which appears more ‘N more likely to be my last ever such outing? Even if Portland International Raceway is just some six hours North of me, which once again I’m foregoing. Especially since it takes so G-Damn long to get to the Mainland from Ye Isle ‘O Nofendersville Mateys!


As what would Jeffy’ of One Lap Down Fame’s Mythical Spotter say? Stay Focused Man, Outside, Outside, Still Outside!


Better watch out Graham, Ed Jones’ is on your Six!


This Blog ironically was Born on September 11, 2006, and the Debutante story was about Christian Klien rejecting Red Bull’s Offer, as where’s Messer Klein these days, EH?


As little did I (Or the World) know what would occur five years prior on that very same Gory Day, for which No Fenders was launched on solely by CoInky-dense, which would indirectly lead to this long Blogging endeavour I’ve been on ever since…

Oh Shit! Even though my Spectrum Cable TV Bill just jumped Ginormously! I do Not wanna hear Leigh Diffey telling us about that “Fateful” day two decades ago and thus, I suppose I’d better listen to the Portland IndyCar race via IndyCar Radio instead!


Thus, with Kimi “The Iceman” Raikkonen’s F1 retirement announcement and the 20th Anniversary of You Know What! I find myself reminiscing more ‘n more about that Oh, So Fantastic 17 day Road Trip to Mother Speedway! When Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen, her Hoond’ Sarah and ‘Ol Blue, her 1980’s Ford Econoline Campervan took Mwah to my Debutante outing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 2001 United States Grand Prix! Where not only did that fresh faced 21yr old Finn compete as a Rookie for Sauber, but also Fredrico Suave’, aka Fred Alonso as ‘Ol David Hobbs likes calling him race as a Rookie for the long forgotten Minardi concern…

Whilst I ponder if 2020 will be another famous year considered in the same gravitas that 2001 is due to the Horrendous COVID 19 Pandemic which certainly Killed way more People…


As I’d be remiss for not mentioning the untimely passing of Pixie The Wonderdog Wuf Wuf! Earlier this year, as I still miss her now, not to mention Kuhnaidiun’ lass Claire who Died from Cancer at Age 40 now nearly two years ago. Along with another Good Friend Joanie who Died this Summer who I never got to see again after we went into Lockdown Wayback on March 13th, 2020…


But on the positive side, Mary Ellen’s got a great new Hoond’ now, who’s name appropriately is Hilo, since that’s where he came from, who so far I’ve had the pleasure of meeting once and carrying him multiple times in the Doggy Backpack on the Beach


”Time is A Gypsy Caravan, Steals Away the Night to leave You Stranded in Dreamland, Distance is A long-range Filter, Memory, A Flickering light left behind in the Heartland…”


“We Are Only Immortal for A limited time…”


Otay, time to wrap up another meandering, waxing “Short” Ha Ha! Idyllic prose by your Humble Scribe Tomaso here upon thoust Mythical Isle ‘O Nofendersville, as somebody throw me a Lifejacket, please!

Thus although doing this Blogging Gig seems to have become a week by week exercise. Especially now when My ever decreasing typing speed, combined with my continuously faltering eyesight makes Blogging more 'N more challenging each year!  Even before thou Intrawoods’, (Internet) or my Putrid “New & Improved” Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen Reader AIN'T acting up or Blowin' Ah-gasket, SHEISA!


I’d like to stick around until 2023, since it should be a very interesting year in Sports Cars with the advent of the Hypercar era seeing la Scuderia’, (Ferrari) Porsche, Audi, Toyota, Peugeot, Cadillac and the other major Manufacturers contesting Circuit de la Sarthe, being the Centenary 24 Heurs du Mans outing. Not to mention the introduction of the 2.4-litre V-6 Turbocharged Hybrid IndyCar chassis.


Hence, like the Drivers say after every race, Thanks to The Fans for showing up here in Nofendersville and reading my eclectic scribblings upon No Fenders All these years!


Since this Uber' eclectic mix 'N veritable Spin Cycle 'O finely honed Thomason' Tex-Mex Jambalaya of Wordsmithing wouldn't have been possible over thou seasons without A-L-L of the Usual suspects continued yearly support.


Led First 'N Foremost by Mary Ellen, the late Kuhnaidiun' lass Claire and Blogmeister' Miguel! Along with contributions from Offical' Photographer CARPETS', Snowbyrd MJ', Randal, Thy Moniker King' and the Florencians Jeannie & Stevoe'. With continued assistance from Clyde & Nelie plus the still Mega' Killer official No Fenders logo provided by Artiste Dave!


Since like Melody Sheik brilliantly “Sings” in his Symphony of Science Masterpiece from a few years ago, “We Are All connected!”





Song Lyrics

From Top to bottom. (In Parenthesis) The Grateful Dead’s Truckin’, The Doors When You’re Strange and Rush’s Dreamline.