Thursday, September 23, 2021

F1: Remembering Michael

As Sorry Sir Lewis, You’ll Never be as Great as Michael Schumacher!


Having scribbled those sentiments prior to the Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton Collision at Monza…


Thus I’ve had several thought bubbles following Thar Mega Shunt’, albeit not having been “Watching,” Err listening to the race. Not to mention the Schumacher Family having just seen NetFlix release it’s Schumacher Documentary eight years after Michael’s Skiing Off Pis accident. For which The Guardian’s Giles Richards noted how the Documentary politely sidestepped showing any of Michael’s trademark Ruthlessness!


I am not taking sides in the Maximus Hothead’ v Golden Child, aka Sir Lewis incident, since the FIA Race Stewards have basically ruled it 1-1 for their Silverstone-Monza Clashes. Although you could say that Verstappen getting a 3-place Grid penalty for the Russian Grand Prix makes Max look more guilty? Or are the Stewards simply trying to stop the continuing escalation from spiraling out of control instead…


But surely Y’all know it does Take Two to Tango, Ci!


And would Der Terminator’, nee Michael Schumacher have ever Winged On ceaselessly about how it was Nico Rosberg who caused the Toxic relationship at Mercedes? Now some five years since Rosberg Quit Formula 1 and left the team! Or how rich it was hearing Golden Child say he was disturbed over Max Not showing any empathy after their collision at Monza, when Sir Lewis was partying like a Rock Star at Silverstone whilst Verstappen was in Hospital?


As I’m left pondering how Schuey Senior would have behaved in today’s instantaneous Social Media era? Although he seemed to have a pretty tight knit PR Campaign always in Full Steam directed by Sabine Kehm, who still pulls the Strings for the Schumacher’s today…


As doesn’t the Mighty Spa’s Rain Gate Farce seem like such a lifetime ago? When having awoken even earlier than when I’d set the Alarm to “Watch,” Err listen to the Belgian Grand Prix, I found it a Wee Bitamyte’ Karmic that I managed to turn on Thy Telie’ part way into the segment where Karun Cowboy’ Chandhok was narrating Mick Schumacher’s driving of his Pop’s Debutante Formula 1 car at Silverstone.


Coming some Gory 30-odd years from when Der Terminator’,nee Herr Schumacher made his F1 debut at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix for Jordan Grand Prix in what I agree is arguably one of the best looking Formula 1 Cars of All time.


Alas, I’d forgotten how Great those Normally Aspirated Ford HB 3.5-liter V-8 lumps’ sounded! Which is probably part of my Hearing loss today, eh? I thought you said Blind people have Super Powers Huh, What did you say EH? I said I’m right here, you Don’t have to Bloody Shout!


Since this should have triggered memories of my second Iceberg Grands Prix outing in The Valley of the Sun, when unbeknownst to Mwah, Phoenix Arizona hosted it’s third and final United States Grand Prix, also 30 years ago this past March. But I don’t remember seeing the “Green” cars back then, with Andrea Duh Crasheris (De Cesaris) and Bertrand “Laughing Gas” Gatchot at Thar controls, since I was already a Benetton Ford Fan…


As the Jordan 191 was an ‘Ol school racecar since it utilized the quickly fading six speed Manual Gearbox, for which both Karun and Mick enthuse over it being a proper Old School racing car! Which Y’all can check out this wonderful Sky Sports segment in the Youtube video, but beware, You’ll definitely need to Crank It Up!


As it was GURR-REAT! Hearing ‘Ol Bloody Murray’s (Walker) voice again, as this reminded Mwah of how Electrified I was over the Schuey Sensation that weekend at Spa Francorchamps, as I know I watched that race live and was instantly Smitten with Michael, who immediately became my De Facto Numero Uno Formula 1 Driver of All time! As I took to living and breathing Michael Schumacher for nearly the rest of his F1 career, up to the end of his first retirement in Ought-Six’,  just ask Tacoma Bureau chief Mary Ellen!


Since it’s funny reading an ‘Ol No Fenders tome titled Schuey’s legend is Born that I posted here Wayback in November, 2009 when then commemorating the 15th Anniversary of his Debutante F1 World Championship. Noting how I had a Fraulein in the Monterey, California Visitor’s Center offerent to buy my Michael Schumacher Benetton T-Shirt I was wearing from me

Wayback in ’94.


since I’d argue now that his “legend” was truly born that Fall day at The Mighty Spa Francorchamps, before Benetton shrewdly Poached him from EJ’ (Eddie Jordan) in exchange for the Hapless Roberto Moreno, and the rest as they say, Is History!


As I’m left wondering if All of this Schuey Glorification is somehow in order to perk up Merchandise Sales? Or simply keep the Schumacher name in the Spotlight, and on the tips of our tongues…


Alas, it’s slightly weird to mwah that I Don’t feel any of this same emotion of being “Electrified” by Any of today’s current Formula 1 Pilotes. Nor can I say that any of them even excite Mwah. And it would be easy to go with Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris or  George Russell, who the latter I picked for future “Greatness.” But None of these Brat Pack enthuse me, not to mention they’ll All be driving for the Sports Top Teams.


Since the last Formula 1 Driver who I actually got enthused over is Alexander Albon, who I’m glad will be back next year, but does he have a Gory chance in a Williams?


Nope, instead the only current Open Wheel Racing Driver who Peaks my Excitement Meter these days is none  other than Patricio Pato’  O’Ward, but not even remotely close to what Herr Schumacher once did for Mwah.


As these days I find I enjoy Rootin’ for more than a single driver and Hence, I’m torn between my Numero Uno IndyCar Driver O’Ward, whom I should solidly be enfusing over, since he led  the Points Standings by 10 Markers heading into Portland over Alex Palou.


But the Spaniard’s my second favourite IndyCar Driver and I’d like him to win the title since he seemingly came  out of nowhere, i.e.; Japan’s super Formula and then a rookie season at Dale Coyne’s Minnowesqe Alphabet Soup Brigade…