Friday, September 3, 2021

F1: Can Max Deliver for His Orange Army?

As Obviously Almost Everybody in Attendance will be rooting for Verstappen to win…


Thirty-six years is a long time to go without a Motor Race. Since I know I gave up on Portland ever returning to the IndyCar calendar before it had been ten years since the final Champ Car race Wayback in 2007. As we All know that Indy Cars did indeed return to the Pacific Northwest after an 11yr Hiatus. But I also know I read in Robin Miller’s final Mailbag? That he was worried about Portland remaining on the schedule…


The Dutch Grand Prix has been held 34 times beginning in 1948, but not being part of the Modern Formula 1 Championship until 1952, being won by Alberto Ascari. And then was held annually until 1985 with the exception of a few years, as Niki “the Rat” Lauda is the circuit’s latest winner in a Marlboro McLaren MP4/2C TAG Porsche during the 1.5-liter Turbo era. Followed past  the Chequered Flag by team-mate Alain Prost and some Dude in a Black and Gold John Player Special Lotus 97T Renault named Ayrton Senna.


Have No idea what the circuit lends itself to along the Seaside, other than perhaps we’ll have to worry about sand making the track’s surface gritty or slick? Or what the weather will be like in general?


But Zero Clue what type of Aerodynamic Set-up it favours, and whether the Red Bull of Max Verstappen or Silver, Uhm Black Arrows’ Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton will have the upper hand?


Although just having read a good Racer article by Chris Medland on the track’s current upgrade, which includes two “Signature” areas being the Turn 2-3 complex and Turn 14.


As these include two novel Banked Corners, i.e.; Turn 3 and turn 14, with the latter leading onto the Pit Straight which isn’t as steeply banked as Turn 3. While the aforementioned Turn 3 which had to be moved to accommodate the traveling Circuses Trucks features a whopping 18 degrees of “Progressive” Banking, Youza!


As this compact 4.25    9km (2.646 Mile) 14 turns Circuit carved out of the Dunes  west of Amsterdam sounds a bit like the Hungaroring to Mwah, especially with Zanvvoort’s longest straight only being 600 meters. (0.37 mile) Traditionally a High Downforce Point ‘N Squirt circuit, but then again what do I know?


And although I know it’s not a brand new circuit,

nevertheless it feels brand new to Mwah, since the last race was a year before I began following Formula 1.


Yet I’d Arse-sume the pressure will be immense upon Young Max to deliver triumph for his Sea of Adoring Orange Army members, with nothing more than victory from Pole being satisfactory!


As Verstappen wil try to etch his name into the record books at Zandvoort alongside the likes of El Maestro’, aka Juan Manuel Fangio, Jimmy clark, The Wee Scot’, Sir Jackie, JYS or just plain ‘Ol Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda. Along with “The Professor,” aka Alain Prost and Sir Black Jack’, nee Jack Brabham, Jochen Rindt, James Hunt, SuperMario’, (Mario Andretti) Nelson Piquet, Alan Jones and the aforementioned Alberto Ascari, All being former F1 World Champions…