Monday, September 13, 2021

F1: Making A Mockery Out of Qualifying

Shame On You Liberty Media! Although everybody’s now just talking about Sunday’s Mega Championship Shunt instead…


All of the Subterfuge leading up to the second riveting Sprint Qualifying Race at la Autodromo Nazional Monza surrounded Mercedes Team Boss Toto Wolff deliberating the potential necessity to instruct Team Orders to assure Sir Lewis, aka Golden Child, nee Lewis Hamilton scoring maximum points.


Valtteri Bottas had pipped his team-mate Hamilton by a slim 0.069 second for the pair to line up in that order on the Front Row for the second Farcical Sprint Qualifying Race, with Wolff once again Hypocritically waxing over how He Didn’t like issuing Team Orders, since they were Racers at Heart. To which All I could Bellow Outloud when reading this Cockamamy Fluff was then Don’t Stick the Knife in Valtteri’s Back Again, Toto!


And although I’m totally rooting for Max Verstappen to knock Lewis off his perch of perpetual World Champion, albeit Figuratively, Not literally! For which I didn’t watch Sunday’s race; part of me was wishing for this exact scenario to play out in order to expose the Sham of this Contrived Qualifying Format! Since although it’s perfectly in Any F1 Team’s right to do such a thing as Ordering who Finishes where in a race and now Sprint Qualifying, this is Not what true Pole position is All about! Not to mention doling out points for the Top Three Finishers.


Even worse, Formula 1 Mouthpiece, Err Director Stefano Dominicali is trumpeting the case for having seven or eight of these Ridiculous Sprint Qualifying races next year. Ok, go ahead and continue Mucking round with F1 Liberty Media, but if you’re gonna do so, then Please do Not classify these results as Pole positions! As you’re tarnishing the Sport severly! As when will the first manufactured Team Orders Sprint qualie’ Finish occur and end up in the record books as Pole?


After All, notice how Red Bull sacrificed Verstappen’s Wingman Sergio Perez during Friday’s Pre Sprint Qualifying Qualifying, giving the Dutchman a Tow in order to ensure Max would be starting up front vs. the Mercedes on Saturday…


Also, which I notice nobody’s talking about at All is how the Fans as Always once again are taking it on the Chin, and in their wallets. Since the Sprint Qualifying weekend format reduces the amount of actual Track time, i.e.; what Fans Pay for when buying a Grands Prix ticket. As a Hour and 15mins time is cut off on Friday and a further 15mins is Nipped on Saturday, but somehow I’m guessing ticket prices aren’t reduced, Righto?


As the only change in position Saturday was Hamilton Muffing his start and dropping to fifth place behind the two McLarens that jumped ahead of him on their softer rubber Pirelli compound tyres, and then we settled in for a procession to the Chequered Flag, 18 laps later, Yawn!


As Verstappen was quite willing to follow Bottas home since the Pole winner would be starting near the rear of the grid due to having taken an unapproved Power Unit change. And thus if you’re just reading the Box Scores, you’re gonna be Confused over what happened to Bottas who “won” Pole?

So what’s next? Reverse Grid Starts, Oh Never Mind!


Afterwards, FIA Motorsports Director Ross Brawn tried explaining how even though they’ve now had two Duff Sprint Qualifying races, He still wants to wait until the final experiment at Sao Paolo, Brazil later this year before making any Judgements on it, and what possibly to do to improve it; Saying “They” Don’t want Any gimmicks or Contrived “Outcomes.” To which I immediately Screamed Then Get Rid of the Bleepin’ Qualie’ race Format!


As Knock this Shit Off Liberty Media!