Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Tomaso Files: Flounderin' round in Florence's flotsam...

Oregon's famous Haystack Rock during Sunset at Cannon Beach. (Image source: shutterstock.com)
Groan! Is he Scribblin' some more of his legendous Tomasoan' Dribble?

Whale', I haven't penned any riveting Tomaso Files tomes lately, so here goes, as Rucky' Uze Guys; Hya!

Alas, as Y'all would presumably know? I certainly Don't go for writing Click-bait stories here on No Fenders, which I'd be doing if so inclined to keep Thy Tradition of posting 200+ stories yearly, which I'll presumably fall just short of this December.

Whilst as Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ELLEN has reminded me over thou years, I'm simply poondin' out material for Thyself and hence, shouldn't be worried about my weekly visitors tally.

But that said, and Nope, I Don't keep a running tally, except for infrequently having My Gal Lucy', My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader read me thou Unique Visitors count - Along with realizing that traffic would naturally drop off during the Off-season, not to mention the Holidays, But...

My traffic's dropped measurably over the last month-pluses time, by approximately 50%! Since apparently Thars' far more IndyCar readers here on No Fenders than Formula 1?

And couple that with being barely able to write  stories fast enough when I'm supposed to be unpacking, (As ever wondered how a Blind Person Unpacks labeled Boxes?) and Viola! I simply wonder why I'm beating my Brains out trying to post stories for y'all, Eh?

I have to laugh to myself, noting that this October was the Twentieth Anniversary of surrendering my Driver's license do to my affliction to having Retinitis Pigmentosa, or RP for short, for which I've belaboured Y'all 'bout previously in;

Yet I still love Cars and Motor Racing, more specifically Open Wheel Racing in general. Having first been introduced to Formula 1 and then Indy Cars some thirty-plus years ago.

And why do I point out my Blindness to Y'all? Well imagine trying to unpack your life's possessions Blindfolded, Eh? Which in effect is what I'm doing very slowly after moving for the first time in 21yrs; Yowzah!

As I laughed at myself recently when trying to begin unpacking the Gynormous collection of Motor Racing and Automobile  books I've  collected those same three-plus decades.

Noticing after the first three or four boxes, for which I cannot read any of the labels I painstakingly attached to 'em. Am I even putting 'em in the Book case right side up? As surely somebody will eventually ridicule me for doing so, Righto!

For which I then spent further time removing them before placing each book individually underneath my CCTV (Close Circuit Television) reading machine to insure Thar all right-side U-P now; Eureka!

And then there's the whole issue of Depending upon Technology to Aid my Daily living as  a Blind person. For which every time I run into another issue, be it on Thy Confuzer', nee computer, telephone or one of my Talking Clocks.

For which the main Talking "Atomic Clock" I depend upon daily's currently having a Nasty Habit of defaulting back to Daylight Savings Time randomly, causing the Alarm to go off an hour early; FUCK!

And Yeah Smarty-pantz', I've put brand new batteries into it!

Yet speaking 'O Batteries, I was rudely reminded that the Smoke Detector's apparently hadn't been changed before moving in. When it began chirping incessantly at Midnight, the evening before the Abu Dhabi GP replay, GROAN!

As why do those batteries always Quit working in the middle 'O night? But I digress.

While I'm simply left scratchin' thou Noggin over this relentless Droning On over vehicle electrification and Ceaselessly Pushing for Autonomous Automobiles!

I mean, if the Goobers; Err Cadres 'O Coders at gOOgle' are so intent upon continuously changing the  appearance and interface of Blogger, Gmail, YouTube, et Al, then how will these RoboCarz' not run Afoul?

As I'll give Yuhs just one brief example. For NO reason at All.  Somebody decided that instead of when I use to log onto YouTube Lucy', My ARSE-Steamed Screen Reader would immediately say the word Search, indicating I was in the Search field and could merrily type my inquiry to find whatever I wanted.

But then a few months ago outta Duh Blue, it Quit Working; WTF? Before Blogmeister Miguel  figured out that I'd now need to select the Tab button trice; Err, three times to hear Lucy say the words Guide, YouTube Home  and then Search... Thanxs Google Bastardoes!

And NO Microsoft! You're Not Excused either! As you're actually causing a large Bone 'O Contention right now. As seriously? I've gotta either uninstall and re-install my MS Office programme simply to change my personal email address? Or more likely be forced to migrate to your yearly Money Grubbin' subscription based MS 2019 Office (model) software instead? SHEISA!

And speaking 'O email, Google's managed to change the interface code on its Gmail settings, hence making the No Fenders email Inbox almost un-navigable for Mwah; JACKARSES!

Whilst MOOHZillah's Not immune either, having long ago been forced to revert to a very old version of their platform 'cause Yuhs Guessed it! They decided to scramble Thar interface code making my Zoomtext Screen reading Software unable to read the Web! Defaulting to an Error Code every single time trying to access the Internetz'; BUGGERS!

As Gee Wally, guess what? Not All Blind and Visually Impaired People are rolling in Dinero', and hence cannot afford to constantly update their software or computing devices every Freakin' time thou Bastardos need to roll-out Thar latest Tokyo fly-by-Night Gee Whiz, Flash Bang upgrades!

AnyHoo, the long winded rambling point? Alas, I'm feeling overwhelmed, and thinking I'm gonna pull a "Jeffie" of One Lap Down Fame, and take some time off here. Although I'm not currently planning on going on a three month's-plus hiatus, but who knows?

As I'm gonna Force Thyself to take a brief respite from Thy Keyboard for the following week's time. Returning here on No Fenders on Tuesday, December 10th - In order to virtually recharge thou Batteries. As I'm gonna be Ultra Busy the next few weeks. So we'll see what I can bother to post the rest 'O December, and then perhaps I'll actually try taking some further time off at the beginning of January, Eh?