Sunday, December 23, 2018

Winter Mean's it's Time for more Fascinating F1 Factoids...

Although I haven't bothered to purchase F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's two volumes of 100 Facts apiece, i.e. Amazingly Fascinating F1 Facts Volumes 1-2 to date, and probably will refrain from doing so, since I'm Blind and they're not available in CD Audiobook format...

Nonetheless I do look forward to these Factoids each 'N every winter, as I'm always entertained when my Noggin' sez' I know who he's talking about... Like knowing who Teddy & Timmy Meyer were. And NO, Thar Not related to Oscar; Hya!

Whilst other times I learn something completely knew, like learning about the short lived F1 Pinewood Derby Soapbox Competizione of 2005-06, won both years by la Scuderia.

Or Joe, who Knows Formula 1 Mates', will intersperse details upon thou Powerful Figures in Formula 1, Thar Ruthlessness and how things sometimes Don't work out in Thar favour. Like thee Ronsters' Ill Advised Grab for Peugeot's uncompetitive V-12, when he probably should have stuck with the Lamborghini V-12 power units he'd made a Handshake upon with Chrysler.

Although I also find it quite entertaining how Joe will Drop in a 'lil Nugget or Kernel of information in a most unusual way, which he did in Fascinating F1 Facts: 15 when briefly noting the abortive Ligier IndyCar project...

And speaking 'O Indy Cars, how many of Y'all remember the name Adrian Reynard? Who although his ultimate ambition was to be a Formula 1 Constructor, he had to settle for Indy Cars instead, which worked out pretty well for a brief period 'O time. Culminating with victory in the 1995-96 Indianapolis 500's.

Alas, if Y'all are interested in more info upon Joe's Books, you can get more details below in;

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