Monday, December 17, 2018

INDY 500: Power's Mug now Adorns Borg Warner trophy

Like 'Ol R', aka Robin Miller muses in the accompanying video below. Not Bad for A Wee' lad from Toowoomba...

Yeah I know, ARSE-Sumedly these types 'O stories are known in thou "Trade" as Fluff pieces, which surely it is? But I found it very commendable how much of an effort DJ WillyP', thee Toowoomba Toranadoe' from Down Under Mates! Nee Will Power went to ensure one of his main IndyCar mentors was present at the unveiling of the Borg Warner trophy with his Mug upon it.

As I find it refreshing how Power Called Out Derrick Walker when unveiling his likeness upon that storied trophy, for which Walker deserves the accolades, especially since he helped Will land rides on two IndyCar teams.

Whilst it's nice hearing Millers voice in front of the microphone again, doing another of his typical Zany Interviews with Will Power.

And lastly, this video's for Yuhs William, although Psyche! It's Not the Down Under song Y'all are guessing it is. But I'm going with another Men At Work classic Hit, since it notes Somme-thun' about not being a Cricketer Sportsman...

In the guise 'O Full Disclosure. I wish I could be as clever as Jeffie' of One Lap Down fame, for whom I pilfered his nicknames for Will Power above Many Moons ago...

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