Monday, December 3, 2018

Daly to get Dirty at Chili Bowl

It's good to hear Conor Daly's name again, along with 'Ol r', aka Robin Miller returning to his trusty keyboard for Racer Magazine, after his brief hiatus due to the lingering effects of Chemotherapy...

Although I still strongly believe that Conor needs to be a Fulltime IndyCar Driver with a Bonafied, legitimate IndyCar ride, for which his only remaining option for next year is part-time duties for Juncos Racing. Nonetheless, Daly's at least keeping his name out Thar in racing circles, even if it's just Midget Cars.

As who knows? Perhaps his Jonathan Byrd's connection will lead to bigger 'N better things, beside just another "One-off" at Indy next May...

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