Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holley 4-barrel Holidazes...

Dodge's Wickedly Insane interpretation of what Santa's Sleigh would look like if mated from a modern day Challenger Hellcat! But Inquiring Minds wanna know, is Thar room for Rudolph? (Image source: caranddriver.com)
Groan, he's at it again... Another wacky poem from a much overused theme..

But it's The Phillips's Not Quite 66's Fault; Hya! As what can get Yuhs more into the festive mood than Christmas at Mother Speedway, Eh!

As may be it was ye Eggnog... But I'd already had my favourite Two Hosers on thy Mind... NO! Not thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown and thou Young Wicky! (Robert Wickens) Nor Scott "What Pace Car?" Goodyear & Jockess V, nee Jack Vanilla, aka Jacques Villeneuve. Nye Pat "The Carpenter" (Carpentier) or TAG', nee Alex Tagliani; but I digress...

Nope instead, per tipicali this time 'O year, those loveable KuhNucks Bob & Doug always come to mind, along with thar signature version of a certain Christmas song.

On the First Day 'O Carmania, 'Ol Carroll Shelby Grumbled Squarely at Me;
Son, Thar better be Juan 'O my Darn Blasted Contraptions in your Pitiful Song!

On the Twelfth Day 'O Carmania, 'Ol shel Grumbled to Thee,

12 Long's Doughnuts
11 X Rows of Shiny Dallara's
10Speeding Ferrari's
Nine BOSS Mustangs
eight 'lil E No. 88 Diecast's
Seven Bars 'O Geddy Lee

Six Carling Black Labels'
Five Aston Martin DB's'
four Borg Warner Trophies
three Diamantina Cocktails'
Two Saleen Mustangs
And a Bad Arse 289 FIA Shelby Cobra underneath thou Tree!

As this witty repartee from Thy Isle 'O Nofendersville was inspired by Bob & Doug McKenzie, for which they'd definitely say; Take Off Eh!

And to All who read thy Blog a Very good Night! Felice Navidad and Merry X-Mas! Since after all, It is the most wonderful; BARF!