Tuesday, June 6, 2017

R100: Celebrating El Capitano's Golden Anniversary in Motor Racing..

Mark Donahue’s #66 1972 McLaren/Offenhauser Indy 500 winner. (The Tomaso Collection)
No Fenders 'Offical Shutterbug Carpets, aka Dave, my mostest Indianapolis Host & personal IMS Sherpa continued escorting me throughout Thy glorious IMS Hall of Fame museum on Monday, the day after the B-I-G' race...

Penske Collection
  • McLaren M16B-Offenhauser
  • AMC Trans Am Javelin
  • Porsche 917/10 Can Am "Spyder"
  • Porsche 917/30 Can Am "Spyder"
  • Chevrolet Z/28 Trans Am Camaro

Having said goodbye to Bernie; our IMS Museum Staff member - who'd given us a guided tour, Dave escorted Mwah thru the remaining portion of the IMS Museum's other exhibit I was interested in. As they were paying homage to whom I prefer calling El Capitano', nee Roger Penske, who's widely known moniker is "The Captain."

As Penske Racing was celebrating its 50th Anniversary in motor racing, and thus it seemed only natural that Roger was tapped to drive the honorary Pace Car during the 100th Running of the Indy 500.

Unfortunately, my memories of exactly what was on hand has faded, albeit I seemingly was more intrigued by the Fendered' vehicles vs. the fairly mundane litany 'O Spec Dallara IRL chassis, although I'm a B-I-G' Fan of the BAD HABBITZ' mobiles, livery-wise! Since after all, Mother Speedway is Roger's playground...

Having traveled down Memory lane several years ago when reminiscing 'bout Penske's then 40th Ammiversary, when I was a HUGE Will Power fan, it's hard to believe Roger's now celebrated fifty years in motor racing...

As presumably the "real" 1972 Mark Donohue Indy 500 winner was on display, since according to "D-Squared," nee IMS Historian Donald Davidson, theirs is the genuine article, which he told me a decade ago. And it wouldn't have to have traveled very far...

Alas, from my quickly jotted; Err typed notes upon returning home last year, I noted how I Thunk'; Hmm? There was an American Le Mans Series winning Porsche RS Spyder on-hand? As know somewheres' during course of weekend Dave and I kabitzed 'bout DHL having sponsored El Capitano's Sports Cars prior to going IndyCar racing with Mikey A's Andretti Autosport squad.

Mr. Carpets' was kind enough to let me drone on 'bout the various racecars we strolled past, as I recall some museum visitor latching on to us, intently listening to my running dialogue over the various Trans Am and Can Am machinery unhand. Seem to recall launching into a brief rant about "George Am," aka George Follmer and those most WICKED Porsche 917 Spyders! Which I've had the good fortune of witnessing whistlin' round Laguna Seca!

Since even though I know Donohue scored Penske's maiden Indy 500 win, I tend to first think of him piloting that awesome Sunoco 917/30 Can Am monster, then being the Fly in FoMoCo's Trans Am Mustang's success, and Oh, yeah, he also raced in Formula 1...

I've also enjoyed seeing 'N hearing the Zed-28 Camaro and Javelin Trans Am beasts in anger at various venues, i.e.; Sonoma, Laguna Seca, Portland and Kent, WA during various vintage racing events.

Uhm, actually seeing many various Sunoco T/A (Trans Am) Camaro's in action over the years, albeit not sure if I've ever seen the famed Acid dipped "Vinyl roof model...

And Thanxs to Blogmeister Miguel, during my annual treks to The Valley of The Sun, specifically Scottsdale, AZ, I've managed to see many of Team Penske's fabulous machines at the Penske Racing Museum, which I've regaled Y'all 'bout my inaugural visit a zillion years ago previously.

More Penske Collection
  • 2015 Dallara DW12 Indy 500 winner
  • Helmet collection
  • Driver Suits

Whilst I don't remember which of the Marlboro "SMOKEY SMOKES" "BAD HABBITZ' Dallara Indy Cars were on hand, I do have Juan' photo from Dave simply titled "Marlboros." Along with us stopping briefly to marvel at Juan Pablo Montoya's winner on display. Hmm? Can the crafty Columbian run up front again? Having heard him Wall Smack last year in Turn 2, surely he'll wish to duplicate his year's prior result, especially with his buddy Fernando in the field.

As I do recall marveling at the vast array of Team Penske driving helmets on display, in a glass case, remembering "Rocket Rick's" (Mears) red and white Marlboro helmet. And specifically, Montoya's Marlboro helmet and visor still sporting various bits 'O rubber from Race Day!

Also there were several of the driver's Nomex Firesuits to take-in, before we hastily passed thru other "trinkets," along with several of the early day racecars, circa 1910's. As I remember a nice gentleman, possibly an IMS staff member specifically stopping us to ask me personally if I was enjoying the museum? As it's gotz' to be the White Cane, eh? As I look forward to my next visit, circa 2018...

Kudos to Dave Carpets' O'Brien and the IMS Museum Staff for such an enjoyable outing!