Friday, June 2, 2017

Caught On a Wire while rounding Thy Beautiful Island...

Trying to Poond' this out before I-T All Slips away, especially since I'm a Dot-Dot-Dash; Err S-L-O-W Typer! As thinking this story definitely missed the No. 4 wire...

In-between my countless hours 'O typing riveting No Fenders BLOB' Stories for your consumption, I periodically listen to CD Audiobooks, for which I took a slightly different Tack earlier this year, as we were pointed towards a new author for Mwah named Eric Larson when retrieving Santa Clauses gift from Barnes & Noble, Thy FANTASTICO' The Boys in The Boat by Daniel James Brown, which I procured also in CD Audiobook format.

Sea', I'm a really slow typer, since I'm talking 'bout Christmas, but not this past December's, but the Juan' before that, a la 2016; CRIKEYS MATES!

Therefore, when requesting the book Dead Wake in Audiobook format from my local library, upon my return from The Valley of the Sun. The very pleasant & helpful librarian Ginny, who's since retired, and now I'm assisted by Ruth & Susan instead; but I digress... Said; Oh, you definitely need to listen to Thunderstruck!

So I reserved both books and thought nothing more about I-T until their  arrival, having totally zero clue over what this Thunderstruck was about? Other than being pretty certain it wasn't about that 'Oz band called Acca Dacca'; Hya! Which Y'all call ACDC here Stateside; but I digress again!

Flipping the book's CD-box over and  inserting underneath my CCTV Magnifier, I quickly learned that the Eric Larson novel was ironically about the capture of Crippen. Hang on a My-nute, why do I know that name vaguely?

Oh Yeah, that's right, Lucy', my ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader occasionally reads me the Sidebar of Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's F1 Blog, since the site's material scrolls on 'N on so L-O-N-G! That Lucy abruptly stops reading the content that doesn't "Spawn" correctly and jumps Hard Starboard! HEY! FULL STOP LUCY!

Hence, I periodically hear her reading 'bout Messer Saward's books, for which Juan's' title just so happens to include the name Crippen in it!

As the Steamship's Captain instrumental in the apprehension of the Dastardly Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen, Captain Henry George Kendall was Joe's Great Grandfather.

And while I totally understand why,
nevertheless, upon inquiring Mr. Saward as to the availability of his book in CD Audiobook format, he replied that unfortunately due to the enormous price of publishing books in such format, it was simply too cost prohibitive for him to do; SIGH!

As I think I'd really enjoy listening to both his Grand Prix Saboteurs and Crippen books, which as a Blind person naturally is the simplest way for me to follow along...

Alas, I read; Err listened to Eric Larson's Thunderstruck with much anticipation, since I felt this dubious, symbiotic connection via Messer Saward, who's JoeBlogsF1 website Lucy' reads me daily, since after all it's "The Real Stories from Inside the F1 Paddock" Ja Volt!

 As Larson's Thunderstruck was a very enjoyable look at the capture of Dr. Crippen from the view of how Giovanni Marconi, the inventor of the Marconi Wireless and Dr. Crippen's life's intersected.

Thus as I wrote; Err Scribbled a year ago, after having completed listening to all of the above mentioned books including Thunderstruck, try as I might to make it coincide with those Belle Isle IndyCar races, I done crashed upon the rocks of Gibraltar; Err Nova Scotia instead! Which I lamented upon in my eclectic prose upon the other Beautiful Island in the Motor City, which I've got Zero idea if I'll be listening to this year or not?

Obviously, with A-L-L of thou conjecture upon Belle Isle, Dr. Crippen, Thunderstruck, etc. It's only Au-natural' that another Seafaring story about the mighty titanic and a corresponding Graveyard in Nova Scotia would blip upon Thy radar...

Whilst ironically, Captain Kendall would survive further shipwreck in the mighty St Lawrence Seaway, Y'all know where thou Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Il Notre Dam resides...