Thursday, June 1, 2017

AUTOS: GM re-opens Historical building

Spotted this recently in The Detroit News, as the timing seems perfect regarding the fast approaching yearly Belle Isle Dualies', nee IndyCar races in the "Motor City."

As I've been sitting on a story idea 'bout this colourful person for years now, as I simply love the name William Crapo Durant, specifically the middle name!

As Y'all may be awares that "Billy" Durant's the man who founded GM, aka General Motors, along with Chevrolet, becoming the automaker's Commander-in-Chief (CEO) not once, but twice before being ultimately dismissed from any further association with GM!

As Durant subsequently established Durant Motors Incorporated, which was another short lived affair, albeit his son Cliff raced his namesake's brand in that 'lil 'Ol motor race at 16th & Georgetown between 1919-1932 in various brands including Durant and Locomobile, etc.

As this is the building where it all reportedly began, where the first GM automobiles were manufactured near the beginning of the Twentieth Century at the Durant-Dort Carriage Company's "Factory One" establishment...