Monday, June 26, 2017

F1: Prince Hamilton pushes 'lil Sid Viddle's button!

Did he just do what I think he did to my car? Doesn't he know who I am? I'm the Prince 'O Formula 1 and I'm leading this Waltz for Freakin' Sakes!

First of All, I'm not condoning who I'm now calling 'lil Sid Viddle, nee Sebastian Vettel's totally inappropriate action of ramming his competition under Safety Car conditions at the just concluded Azerbaijan Grand Prix in any way, shape or form.

Yet the part that sticks in my craw, is you know Lewis Hamilton was engaged in some sort of Skullduggery vs. his main championship title contender Vettel, as he'd been previously warned in a short In-car Radio message with his Mercedes Engineer about not following the Pace Car correctly, along with cutting the Start-line distance extremely close.

Not to mention his later broadcasted message asking the team, "Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge," to instruct his team-mate Valtteri Bottas running ahead of Vettel and him to purposely slow down in order to back the Ferrari into DRS overtaking distance for him...

All of which this behaviour makes my stomach turn over how Hamilton's always the "good Guy" who hasn't done nothing wrong, and it's everybody else's fault!

As that's So Rich Lewis, 'bout telling Vettel to Man Up...

Therefore, I say Bravo to JYS! Err Sir Jackie' (Stewart) for publicly pointing out the obvious, as the saying that screams thru my cranium is that It Takes Two to Tango!

As I find it akin to some sort of appropriate Divine Intervention towards Prince Hamilton for having his Headrest Bolster work its way loose, forcing him to Pit in order to rightly secure his safety equipment, not allowing him to get away with his loud pedal's foot accidentally slippin' off during that Safety Car period...

Oh wait a My-nute', it's Nico Rosberg's fault, Ja Volt!