Saturday, June 17, 2017

LE MANS: Porsche's LMP1 Tortoise en route to Victory?

As what's that 'Ol saying 'bout in order to finish first, first Yuhs must finish...

Having spent copious amounts of the day listening to the race via Radio Le Mans, after my shock dissipated over the stunning turn of fortunes for Toyota, with first the #8 needing a 2hr repair job, followed by the leading No. 7's shock exit upon the race going green after a Safety Car period! I mused to Thyself how funny it was over my Toyota stories posting here, during their stunning demise!

Especially with my Toy-Yoter' three card Monty prose being published just scant moments before the totally unexpected departure of the leading #7!

As the lone, remaining Toyota then in contention for victory, the #9 was dealt a cruel blow when making contact with one of the two Manor TRS Racing's LMP2 chassis just a scant half hour after the leading #7 fell by the wayside, as the double retirement was absolutely crushing for Toyota!

Still have zero clue 'bout what happened to the #4 byKolles Racing LMP1 entry, since it's never been mentioned once during the first eight-plus hours I've listened to via Zed Internetz', albeit I didn't begin listening until hour three here on the West Coast, since I didn't feel like getting up before "Chevy Chase" (Carey) waved the green flag at 6AM Pacific.

And as the Radio Le Mans Booth Boyz' were blathering on 'bout during the middle 'O night; Err Wee hours 'O morning at Circuit de la Sarthe - when I began typing this.

Hence, with the No. 2 Porsche 919 Hybrid being the first "Heavy Hitter" requiring a major repair in the garage, albeit the Weissach boy's completed their front axle/hybrid motor assembly change in nearly half the time of Toy-Yoter', leaving the leading #1 as the sole hybrid LMP1 chassis not to experience mechanical woes, what'll happen to it with still nearly half the race to go?

As the show Ain't over 'til the Fat lady sings, but with the #1 Porsche holding  a very comfortable 8-lap lead approaching the 13hr mark, it's definitely now their race to lose...