Wednesday, June 28, 2017

INDY 500: Rookie Of the Year Kerfuffle...

Pole Day at IMS, Scoring pylon with Alonzo's name upon it. (The Tomaso Collection)
Son 'O A Bitch! Can you believe whomever the selection committee is, picked as this year's Rookie Of the Year (ROY) winner; Chirp-Chirp, Bueller?

Yeah, this is old news by now, especially since Indy Cars just finished racing at the fabulous Road America; But since I was Out 'N Aboot in the Bushes; Err surrounded by wild, ah-bloomin' Rhodys', nee Rhododendrons, Ya Sure Yuh Betcha! Nestled spectacularly in thee "Other Florence," aka Oregon's magnificent Sand Dunes,.

As  I chose the Little River Band's song in deference to Fernando, since it suits him better, albeit should have put Sinead O'Connor's 4th & Vine song Thar instead, since we Rocked Out to her on thou Oregonian Trail, where I learned that wild Rhododendron's are Pink, which matches the Dress she's gonna put on... 

And since I'm also NOT a Card Carrying member of any Social Media connections, I simply missed the memo regarding this until after the Dual Beat down the Graminator' (Graham Rahal) put upon the IndyCar regular's at Detroit's Belle Isle,  where he had competition from more than three cars Lewis; Hooah! Hence per usual here in Nofendersville, the News is slow to the press.

As it'd be interesting to know when and why IMS took away the eligibility for Co-Rookie Of the Year honours? As may be Sunoco didn't wanna have to pay two drivers for the award?

As Paul Dalbey of More Front Wing fame who actually voted points out, and I've known for a long time, it's not always the top finishing Rookie who's automatically anointed ROY, as case-in-point Me Thinks? Is the choice of the 1969 Rookie Of the Year (ROY) winner Mark Donohue, 10-laps adrift of the higher finishing Peter Revson.

As "Revvie" finished two places ahead of Donohue in fifth, but largely cruised around to his finishing place minus one cylinder, due to the race's high attrition! Whilst Donohue had to overcome a lengthy Pit stop and race his way forwards.

Although I'm not comparing Ed Jones impressive third place finish in any way, shape or form to this, but just sighting as an example that it's not always the top Rookie who wins the award.

As notably, the honour is bestowed upon a Rookie having an Outstanding Performance at Indianapolis, and not necessarily being the highest placed finisher...

As we'll never know where Fernando would have finished, albeit I don't think he would have won the race, even after having led 27-laps. But very likely could have crossed the line in the Top-5. As who knows, he might have even passed Ed Jones?

As I found Alonso's performance, attitude and demeanor throughout the entire Month of May very refreshing, being totally enthusiastic and enjoyable. Not the uppity Alonso who's so irked me in Formula 1 over the past how many years? Although I've softened on him immeasurably the worse the McLaren Honda goes...

As the video weighs in at 10mins, but it's very enjoyable and definitely worth watching. With Alonso being super funny, poised, gracious and ultimately exuding that Latin charm that's made me call him Fredrico Suave for years now...

(Photo Courtesy of No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer CARPETS')

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