Monday, May 25, 2015

What are We Fighting For...

Jason Collins poses with Derrick Gordon during the NCAA's Final Four tournament at Indianapolis. (Image source:
So, is this what are Veteran's fought for? Since Indiana's Governor Mike Pence STUPIDLY! Or was it Brazenly? Signed into law the Horrendous Religious Freedom Restoration Act, (RFRA) which certainly wasn't aimed at any closeted; Oh Never Mind!

As I'm pretty happy that 'Ol "Gomer Pyle" (Jim Neighbors) AIN'T singin' Back Home in Indiana this year, as surely he'd be dismayed by this Backwards Thinking, right? (Even if he prefers to publicly stay out of the limelight on this issue...)

As Y'all may be aware of the righteous Firestorm that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that was originally signed into law just nine days prior to this year's NCAA Final Four  tournament taking place in Indianapolis this past April caused. As this very subject and attempt of using similar practices in Washington has already backfired for a Flower Shop owner!

And I know we're not supposed to mix politics with our sports, but seriously Indiana? When your state relies so heavily upon tourism - you'd think that you'd be wise to not exclude a potential slice of  business from coming to your state!

As I even broke down and read my first story by Indianapolis Star columnist Greg Doyel who seemed pretty succinct upon the matter. As in how could the NCAA and its $10.5 billion deal to play Basketball in Indiana continue?

As the Gay issue isn't new, nor far from being resolved in the sense where it'll be just a mooted memory... When one day it will be widely accepted in A-L-L walks of life, including Professional Sports. Which although strides have been made, there's still only one openly "Out" professional athlete currently competing in America's Top Mainstream "Stick 'N Ball" Sports, i.e.; NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

 OOPS! It's NOT Jason Collins, the first openly Gay NBA Player who's since retired with Michael Sam still trying to make an NFL team's  roster.

Instead, that's right, I forgot that Major League Soccer (MLS) isn't one of the B-I-G' FOUR! Although the LA Galaxy and MLS seem to be getting on just fine with having Midfielder Robbie Rogers on their championship winning team.

Yet, it is somewhat ironic, albeit not surprising that the two most publicly outspoken NFL Players supporting Pro Gay Marriage initiatives in their states, Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo are both out of the National Football League now!

As surely ex-Minnesota Vikings kicker Kluwe's lawsuit over his coach's Homophobia didn't have anything to do with his release?

Or Ayanbadejo's not being retained by the Baltimore Ravens seems even more jarring after the whole Ray Rice affair...

While we WON'T even get started on the Seattle Seahawks per ponderous choice of Frank  Clark in this year's draft!

While I previously scribbled 'bout Major League Baseball ejecting Glen Burke, after watching the ESPN Documentary Out, The Glen Burke Story 'Wayback in 'Twenty-twelve. As it seems pretty DAMN impossible to Mwah that there's NOT more than a single Gay person playing professional sports today, not to mention a single Gay racing driver, Crew member, etc; Oh Never Mind!

Or if Y'all want to start at the beginning of this four part Harmony; Err lengthy tome - instead of doing the Star Wars out of sequence thingy, then please go to the following for Part 1.

United State of Indiana's Pro-LBGT flag atop Downtown Indianapolis rooftop prior to this year's NCCA Final Four tournament. (Image source:
And although I understand why it was taken down, as we don't want people just expressing themselves Willy-Nelly uncontrolled, nonetheless, it would have been nice if the Pro-LGBT banner created by United State of Indiana proprietor Graham Brown could have remained aloft thru the Final Four weekend! But that would be way too Controversial for Mainstream Media!

Yet while I realize we're A-L-L supposed to be awash in gay merriment over the just concluded Indy 500 Spectale du Jour, and this issue NOT! Is so past... It's worth continuing to remind Y'all there's simply more than another 500-miles to go upon the issue of sexual Discrimination rights for the LGBT population, not to mention Equal Rights for them too!

Meanwhile the NBA's first Openly Gay Player Jason Collins noted during the run-up to the Final Four, when he warned: The Eyes of The Sports World are Upon You! How Proud He was of His Boyz'; Yuhs know, just like a-L-L of the Drivers are after winning the Race!

While my newest  favourite band Arcade Fire, who gets I-T! So succinctly sings on their current album Reflector: We Exist!

VIDEO: We Exist

Or as the late Rodney King said: "Can't We All Just Get Along!"