Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Few easy tweaks for IndyCar...

Chuh Ching!

Was A-L-L I could hear when listening to Group-A of Round 1's Qualie' Shoot-out for the Indy GP Friday. As yeah, I begrudgingly get I-T! The need to advertise; Err Monetize Hulman & Co's crown jewel; BUTT!

Imagine my disgust when the ridiculously short 10min qualifying session's radio broadcast was INTERUPTED for nearly half or more of the allotted time for SHIT, Y'ALL GUESSED I-T! Freakin' Commercials; BARF!

As the words Ad Nausea conjures up a whole new meaning to Mwah! Although I guess I should be happy that the Advanced Autoparts IMS Radio Network live from the Firestone Studios on the ninth floor of the Panasonic Pagoda for the Angie's List Grand Prix fueled by Sunoco; Oh Never Mind! Y'all get the idea, right?

Whoa Nellie! For a moment I thought I was listening to a 'RASSCAR race; Crikeys Mates! As what's that O-L-D song 'bout signs, signs, signs, everywhere?

As I suppose somebody will tell me that A-L-L of this Monetization is Good for the Sport, right? Although I've yet to S-E-E how the profits are being re-invested into improving IndyCar...

After all, IndyCar cannot apparently even make their Race Control Live Timing & Scoring  webpage Screen Reader compatible! Nor have they ever replied to my email I sent them upon this issue a few weeks ago...

And, after fumbling round to find the black-on-black white circle Play icon, having once again changed the pages format; SHEISA! Paul Page made the following comment during the final IndyCar practice session about how they Don't bother giving us a running tally of Driver positions because they believe everybody's watching I-T on their "SMART" Devices and is following the scoring page instead; so let us know about that...

News Flash Mr. Page!

While I know I'm definitely in the minority, but, as a legally blind "Keyboard Warrior," I totally depend upon the radio  announcers
verbally telling me what's going on Trackside, as well as what position the corresponding Drivers are in, since I literally CANNOT SEE 'EM!

Also, as my previous email to IndyCar tried asking for politely. could you please standardize how to access the various radio broadcasts, i.e.; IndyCar vs. Indy Lights logon procedures, and especially, make the 'Uber difficult Play icon "Tagable," i.e.; text readable by my Screen Reader so I can find the DAMN thingy!

Lastly, could you please try NOT wiping out half or more of a ten minute Qualifying session with the requisite advertisements you've sold, as there's plenty 'O time to play them during the Qualie' rounds breaks, or at least spread them  out...

Hmm? And I wonder why I haven't been invited to listen in to an IndyCar Teleconference for the past few years, now? As what's that comment 'bout the Fans; Forget I-T!

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