Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Francesco 'N Carlos Show continues...


Heard the news on Trackside with Kevin & Cavin Tuesday Night that Dale Coyne Racing's (DCR) Dudley; Err Dynamic Duo were back by popular demand; Hooah! With word coming that our favourite IndyCar 'Tail-gunner Charlie Franco Floppa, nee Francesco Dracone will return to DCR for a fifth outing at this weekend's vaunted Indy GP, presumably with Rodolfo González as his Wingman; or is I-T visa-versa?

Whilst I've got nothin' personal against Dale Coyne's "Crime-fighters;" Err Caped Crusaders powering the Chicagoan's two Hondre' Dallara's around the field. It just seems like there's gotta be a better solution out there? Especially since Francesco hasn't exactly endured himself to the field!

As recall reigning Indy 500 champion Ryan Hunter-Reay trying to NOT mention him by name during a Post-race Barber's interview, while I think "Monty" (Juan Pablo Montoya) and 'HULIO (Castroneves) have both gone out of their way to not throw Dracone too far underneath the proverbial Bus when noting issues of catching him in traffic! Hmm, Me Thinks Franco was the traffic; YOUCH!

As hopefully Dale Coyne will install James Davidson and Thy Leggy 'Juan, aka Katherine Legge as Pippa Mann's team-mates for some 'lil 500-miler Oval race coming up at the end 'O May...

And like that iconic Thom Modell character sez', we'll leave the Bat Signal light on here in Nofendersville for  Dale to re-insert Conor Daly and somebody else alongside, like I Dunno; Ryan Briscoe, Oriel Servia, etc afterwards. HELL! Even Carlos Huertas would fit the bill, albeit he's apparently having trouble with his cheques right now?

As this just in from Race City, USA; Err Indianapolis via Motorsports Talk. Dale Coyne Racing will run its season starting tandem of Carlos Huertas and Francesco Dracone for this weekend's Indy Grand Prix...

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