Monday, May 20, 2013

5-minute Major Penalty for NBC Sports Network!

So, I do NOT ever-ever-ever want to hear any more bellyachin’ about the horrendous TV ratings of NBC Sports Network regarding Indy Cars... After their atrocious bungling of this past weekend’s “Souper doopier” Pole Day weekend, where duh “Peacock lite” inexplicably managed to cut away from the first five cars - including eventual Pole winner Ed Carpenter’s lone qualifying runs in favour of some STUPID ARSE horse race recap; YUK!

Oh, but it gets better, as the following day, when turning on le  Telescreen at 9:12AM Pacific I was totally ‘Cornfuzed over why some third  tier hockey game was on; WTF? Hmm? Oh dear, hopefully NOT a Stanley Cup Playoffs replay??? Nope, instead it was the magnanimous Men’s World Hockey Bronze medal game between Finland and U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A; Oh Never Mind! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot indeed! As the announcer proclaimed there was six minutes left in the ten minute overtime; F%%K! WHO FUCKING CARES ABOUT THE WORLD HOCKEY LEAGUE!

And our intrepid friends over at IMS Radio Network weren’t immune from the bungling of the weekend’s coverage either, since I thought I’d logon to their “live” audio feed instead while waiting out the FRIGGIN’ hockey match; BUTT N-O! I gave up after multiple repeated attempts of clicking upon thee “Play” button at 9:21AM as there  wasn’t any FREAKIN’ sound; Can You Hear Me Now?

And speaking ‘bout their audio, having switched over to the IMS Radio Network broadcast via at 1:30PM Pacific, (Saturday) when NBCSN had to duck away for two hours of Preakness Pre-race Goobly-gock; SPEW! In mid sentence of Nicky ‘Salt Yeoman’s interview with James Jakes, the best performing RLLR entry, somebody inexplicably pulled thee plug and the interview went dead, and the sound reverted to just Mother Speedway’s PA system for some 20mins-plus, which was entertaining since every time Dave Calabro gave out the speed it was muted by the roar of an engine - saying Pippa’s On I-T! And she’s turned a lap of 224 blank-blank-blank...

Then as NBCSN had to scoot off for 30 MORE ‘My-nutes of its Wall-to-Wall Horsey race, Leigh Diffey told everyone to run over to instead for live coverage and HOLY TIN CUPS BATMAN!!!

For about the first 5-6 drivers their Driver Analyst Davey Hamilton sounded like he was talking thru a tin cup in an old timers telephone booth, i.e.;  garbled to say the least...

And one more thingy Messer Diffey; note to self. I-T ISN’T a “Genuine Bump Day” when there’s only ONE “Bumpee...” As I’m really tired of the overly manufactured HYPE trying to be generated over Indy Cars ‘BOOMP DAY! And Hype in general...

Which includes ‘Wee “willie Buxom” (Will Buxton) trying to build up the major strides his employer is making towards Formula 1 Stateside, by proclaiming on Trackside with Kevin & Cavin how impressive it was that NBC was precluding its Sunday morning News Shows in favour of airing the Monaco Grand Prix.

Uhm, Gee Will, guess what? DON’T know what timezone you’re living in but  Four FREAKIN’ thirty AM (Pacific) is usually a time slot for some amazing Infomercial like thee Total Gym Workout with Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley instead...

Thus, when duh Peacock lite finally wrapped up its ‘lil Hockey game and returned from its five minute major penalty Sunday morning - We were greeted by Conor Daly making his qualifying run followed by G. Willikers Rahal and his Midas touch mobile on screen at 9:30AM, which means I have NO idea of how many of the ‘Boomp Day ‘Qualie runs we missed seeing? But I’m guessing at least half, eh?

And lastly, I don’t wanna say ‘Boomp Day wasn’t exciting; YAWN! But my new somewhat more cynical side was left ponderin’ what's the real scoop behind Schmidt rolling out a 3rd car on 'Boomp Day? Just a clever way to keep focus off of Honda's being so "Slow?" Or just a way for Sam Schmidt to pad his pockets a little bit, since I doubt Thy Leggy 'Juan gets to keep the prize money, eh?

As I definately think there's a story there since Sam even admitted to thy 'Wee "Willie Buxom" (Will Buxton) that originally the third Schmidt Peterson Motorsports (SPM) car was to help ensure there'd be 33-cars in the race a la Ed Carpenter Racing's (ECR) #40 entry. Since after all IRL Founder ‘TG (Tony George) did proclaim that: “33’s Only a Number!”

Which perhaps Y’all are wondering by this point why I bothered watching/listening to this weekend’s riveting Pole Day weekend, right? Because I guess some small tiny portion of Mwah still cares; especially since I’m going to the race again.

Yet I’m just left wunderin’ would FOX treat its ‘RASSCAR broadcast the same way? Or would an F1 broadcast on NBCSN receive such shoddy treatment? Which if the powers-to-be at comca$t are really trying to promote F1, then how come there isn’t a rebroadcast of the race on Tuesday morning on NBCSN a la how SPEED used to do so even when their Big Brother FOX had the race on Sunday? Since I cannot record more than one channel at a time, I’m forced to choose between qualifying or the race; not to mention choosing between thee M-O-S-T exciting Indy 500 in history, which seems to be the Procostinator’s yearly battle cry; Oh Never Mind!

As I can only wunder if the world of Open Wheel Racing will ever truly receive the proper attention it deserves sometime in the future? As in like actual honest-to-goodness “live” ‘Qualie shows for Indy Cars - not to mention the availability of more than one car on ‘Boomp Day...