Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Indy 500 Pace car revealed...

Are Y’all sittin’ down? Ready? Uh gee Wally, guess what? Its ‘Chebbie pacing the field this year at Indianapolis; YAWN! As I’m starting to think that GM must hold exclusivity rights to Mother Speedway? I mean 17-years in-a-row; WTF? C’mon Indy, how ‘bout letting Ford’s Mustang or Chrysler’s Viper have a turn again.

NO word on whether or not thee ‘Trumptster sans new haircut will be behind the wheel; my isn’t that a nice looking Beaver ‘Beave? Did somebody say Justin Beaver? Oh wait I think he’s busy repenting right now; Oh Never Mind! As I’m sure IMS will choose somebody riveting this year to pace the field; Hmm? ‘Wunder if Ryan Seacrest is available, eh?