Tuesday, May 7, 2013

INDY 500: Two More join the Show...

W-O-W! Catching my breath from that amazing Ahem, Street race in Sao Paolo, as talk ‘bout throwin’ some Shrimp upon the Barbie, Mates! As you’ve gotta feel for ‘DJ WillyP, eh? (Will Power) And thus it almost seemed anti-climatic hearing Ol ‘R, thee Curmudgeon ‘O Open Wheel Racing’s Robin Miller chiming in that their Townsend Bell had landed a ride for this year’s Indy 500 along with Buddy ‘Hotrod Rice, in what’s essentially a ride swap - with Bell taking over Rice’s Panther Racing seat while Buddy will now pilot the third Sam Schmidt entry at Mother Speedway which brings us to a whopping 33-entries; Tuh Duh!

Throw in the likes of Bryan Clauson, (KVRT) Jay ‘Funnyman Howard (Schmidt) and Buddy Lazier (Own team) and you’ve got the potential for somewhat honest to gee willikers bumping... Although I think the only problema for the latter two is finding the necessary funding along with an engine, as we’re currently at 17 Honda’s and 16 Chevy’s, which means both engine manufacturers would need to extend one engine further their respective targets of only 17 ‘lumps apiece for Indy...

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