Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Different type of Solar Powered Racer...

Read this a little while ago, but just haven’t figured how to squeeze I-t in... As hopefully my clever headline PEAK-ED your curiousity; Hmm? Somehow I don’t think I’m ever gonna get over that oh so famous Danicker commercial, eh? Yuhs knows the Juan ‘bout PEAK-ing when uze win; Hya! Oh Never Mind!

Thus, its not really a racing vehicle per sei, but instead a very intriguing solar powered vehicle in the shape of an Aeroplane that’s planning to become the first ever to fly coast-to-coast powered solely by sunshine. As the solar Impulse will attempt flying across the continental USA this coming May; as it’d be cool if its final touchdown spot would be Boeing Field in Seattle, WA and then being put on display briefly at the Museum of Flight.

Yet alas, the Impulse’s pilot’s plan to leave from San Francisco and finish in New York sometime this summer, as perhaps it can do some touch ‘N goes at Indianapolis Motor speedway, eh? After all it was an Aerdrome during the war...

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