Tuesday, May 14, 2013

INDY 500: Let the Racing begin!

So instead of trying to figure out how to make the FREAKIN’ “live” video stream upon Indycar.com work? Is it working now? But I-T sez live NOW ‘til 6PM ET; Oh Never Mind!

And thus, I ran off to Tacoma to watch the encore presentation of the Spanish Grand Prix with the esteemed ‘Auntie Harriet on Sunday morning instead, hence I have absolutely NO idea of how this year’s riveting Opening Day weekend at Mother Speedway went!

Yet as typical, Thanxs solely to ‘CARPETZ - he sent the following pics from over the weekend along with the corresponding notes.

Speedway Street Party
Went to the street party tonight; (Friday) had a nice showing despite the cool weather and sprinkles. There were a bunch of classic street cars lined up upon Main Street with Arie Luyendyk & Johnny Unser serving as the judges for the Best in Show awards.

The Dallara and Sarah Fisher Hartman (SFHR) buildings were open to the public with the big doors on the side of SFHR open and they had a duo singing and playing guitars. Plenty of food vendors on hand with Sun King Brewery, a local ‘Fave here, having an area on Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing’s outdoor patio. You could purchase a wrist band to get entrance there. And they set up a nice large plush outdoor seating area with gas fire pits that were a popular spot.

In the dunk tank I saw Sarah Fisher (who wore a wetsuit for her half hour outing) and Josef Newgarden participating (And Newgarden’s boss Sarah playfully pushed the button to dunk him immediately...) along with a local newswoman from channel six.

Ed Carpenter was signing autographs outside the Dallara Building with Scott Dixon there as a "fan" who was just wandering around.

Just missed the two drivers "sumo wrestling," (names escape me right now but will remember later)

Editor’s Note:
One of them most definitely had to be E.J. “What, Me Worry?” Viso, right? As perhaps the other was Marco Andretti? With NO word on whether or not Tomas “Rockem-Sockem” Scheckter was in the house; Hya!

 While on the north side of SFHR’s building they had some cars on display including Will Powers current IndyCar, a Top Fuel Dragster, a couple of old Indy Cars, Midgets, Silver Crown, etc.

And there were all kinds of things for kids: A little tricycle track, slides, bouncy houses, Speedway Fire Dept trucks they could climb into, etc, with the Humane Society having some booths there and there were a lot of cool dogs there too...

All-in-all a real fun event with a lot of things geared for the little ‘Kiddies. I wouldn't say Newgarden stole the show but he was the most visible interacting with the little kids. I'm not sure who had more fun.  Him or the kids...

From the Track
As you can see (or can you?) by the flags on the Pagoda it was a bit windy Sunday and cool. Other pic is Newgarden helmeting up as he prepares for practice run.

Kudos of the day have to go to Dario, or is it Dashely; who spent 23 minutes, yes I timed him, signing autographs and getting pics taken at the entrance of Garage Area. He smiled the whole time and was very cordial. After the third "Ok guys, I need to get going now", he drove away on his golf cart smiling and waving...

And there Y’all have I-T, a somewhat eclectic view from Indiana native ‘CARPETS who took in a few of the Opening Day festivities and was kind enough to share his thoughts on them with us all...

Assorted pictures from Opening Day weekend below; Thanxs Dave!