Thursday, May 23, 2013

Motorsports Trivia Questions

Has been a long time since I’ve tried this, so I’m hopefully making it more concise along with being a triple header, a la this year’s reconstituted Triple Crown; NO! NOT that Triple Crown but the much ballyhooed B-I-G 3 Oval races of Indianapolis, Pocono and Fontana - which means I’ve already given Y’all a pretty big clue...
Question 1)
What do Marshall Teague, A.J. Allmendinger, Bobby Johns, Andy Hillenburg, Lee Roy & Cale Yarborough, Frank “Rebel” Mundy and Bobby and Donnie Allison ALL have in common?

Question 2)
Who did Tim Richmond replace in Indy Cars and where did he make his NASCAR debut?

Question 3)
What California Oval track preceded Fontana and who was the first driver to exceed 200mph there?

Question 4)
Who has the most victories and which team won the most races at the Pocono 500 from 1971-89?

Question 5)
When was the last time that more than 33 cars raced at Indianapolis and who was the final qualifier?

And NO! Sorry George, you’re not included in this; Hya!